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    Hi so I wanted your in put on a matter so I have been talking too my high school sweet heart we had been together in school and he was amazing but I broke up with him because he was not what my parents wanted for me in terms of race I know this happens all over the world with me having strict parents and they believe that being Indian u have to like a Indian I don’t believe in race now after he has always try to talk to me but I always read the message but never responded until I finally did last year June on FB and we exchange numbers since then we have been talking everyday he tells me he loves me and my feelings will be there always for him but he has a kid that’s about 2 or 3 years old and of course a child mother he claims the are not together but I just think he is lieing and I don’t want to cause problem if I know this is the case I will not talk to him period it’s just sometimes it’s the things he do now I hear from him every other day and his excuse is he is really busy but his job is very difficult requires him to be at work allot which I know because I have seen it
    We are not together but I have been talking to him june will make one year we have seen each other allot hangout kissed spent time together but of course no sex.
    And now we talk every other days sometimes 2 to 3 days
    I got a little attached I can admit
    So when I don’t hear from him I would message him I even asked him why the change in us talking and he said there is no reason just busy I told him no one is ever too busy
    I need some advice am I getting too involved or asking things I am not suppose too because we are not in a relationship
    I just feel like some one telling u things should mean something
    Don’t play with people feelings why tell someone u love them when u can’t make a little time to talk to them

    I just need to know am I wasting my time
    What should I do I really care about him I always did
    Both of us are 26
    Please help me out

    I don’t no much about stuff like this because I have stayed away from Letting anyone into my life I had a relationship 2 years ago but I never felt this feeling for anyone else. Only one I have been in at 26



    Hi can someone please help me out with my first enquiry
    I really need some advice on what to do

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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