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    Hope you are doing great. From sometime i have been watching your videos and love it. I am married and 35 years old. I have a crush for a married woman who has 3 kids. She is about 37 age. I have followed this lady and made lot of eye contacts. Tried many times to talk to her but every time she was in public place and she was not comfortable to talk in public place so our conversations were not that good.
    Later i got chance to talk to her in public place but it was night time so we were able to talk. talk was good, I told here i like her. I told her you are very beautiful. Also told her that she was looking very beautiful in morning in wet open hair, she laughed and liked it and said me am i not looking beautiful right now ? i said yes you are looking beautiful. Talk was hardly for 5-7 mins but that was the only talk which was good and that time i felt she was also interested in me. that time i shared her my mobile number and office address so if she feels can call me. She didnt shared me her mobile number though, i asked couple of times for her number.

    Later i tried to meet her but everytime i was not able to meet her. Once again i was able to meet her in public place and it was not good conversation. she told why you are following me and she is not interested to talk and meet so i left.

    For 2 week i didnt tried to meet her but i was watching her everyday on roadside. She also make eye contact with me daily but didnt gave any facial express as she drives car. but i noticed she watches me everyday and our eyes meet with each other so i thought she is interested in me.

    Again i tried to meet her many times and finally got chance to meet her. I asked her can she meet me at my office but she said no.
    then we can again meet at public place on road for 4 mins or so. I told her do you have any love feelings for me ? she said no.
    then i asked her why do you watch me everyday on roadside when you go ?
    she says that because you follow me everytime so she looks at me. but i didnt find that reason correct.
    because if she is really not interested in me then she should not see me everytime on road side or make eye contact.
    she told it is wrong thing that you are following me and doing this all things. I said ok i will not follow anymore and i went my home.

    personally i feel she is interested in me but as she is married, having kids and social presure and stuffs like how other people will think of her if she got caught, i think she might be having this type of thoughts.

    as i told you i had given her my mobile no and office no but she never called me or visited my office.

    it looks like there is dead end here. i have been trying my best from almost past 3-4 months it is not working out with this lady.

    do you have any suggestion ?


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