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    My boyfriend and I git in a fight due to the lack of his communication with me. He seemed to ignore me for some reason and I think it’s probably because he’s bored of me. We didn’t meet, we didn’t talk on the phone and he only sent me 3 messages in 3 days and not even real messages, mostly ❤️ stickers or short sentences. I got so insecure and asked him what’s wrong? He kept telling me nothing is wrong and still ignored me. I got so upset and kept telling him how weird he had been acting and we got in a fight. Until when I got so tired and just wanted things to be okay between us, I apologize to him when I knew that it wasn’t totally my fault. Then he said he needed time because he was very upset with me. I told him I would give him time. It was his birthday 1 week later, so I texted him happy birthday and told him I hope to hear from him soon and how much I missed him and apologized him for things I had said. He waited for 7 hours later to reply me back “please give me more time”. I said nothing else and it’s been almost 2 weeks now I haven’t heard from him. I know he’s probably already moved on with his life. I just don’t know what I should do. I want to move on but I also want to wait to hear from him. I even bought him a birthday present and haven’t had a chance to give him yet. I’m looking for some advices what I should do..



    Hi Jenn,

    It is best to move on.

    Your boyfriend was not communicating with you wholeheartedly or consistently because the relationship is most likely just not working for him anymore and thereby he lacks the motivation to keep it going.

    Yes, boredom could have indeed set in.

    Even though it has been 2 weeks since you heard from him, it would be best to avoid contacting him again.

    When he texted “Please give me more time” after you sent him a Happy Birthday message, he was indicating that he didn’t even want to share his special day with you in any way.

    Following that Happy Birthday wish with apologizing and telling him about how much you missed him only made him feel that much more unwilling to talk to you.

    He has reached a point where he no longer wants to meet or placate your emotional needs.

    When you combine this sentiment with a strong sense of boredom and a predictability that he associates with his relationship with you, he is simply not motivated to try to work things out or save the relationship.

    If you keep waiting to hear from him, you could keep yourself from moving on emotionally.

    Unfortunately, he may have already moved on emotionally and may have only texted that you give him more time in the hopes that you would eventually just stop trying to contact him.

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