My boyfriend hides me from his family and friends

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    Hello, I’m not good at english so please dont judge me. My boyfriend and I used to be together for 1.5 years he broke up with me and than wanted to try again, I said yes. Its been 2 months and I had to tell his friends myself because he didn’t want to tell them, his parents dont know we are together and he isnt allowed to come over to my house. Not even as friends, can someone please help me. I don’t know what to do and I’m honestly in a lot of pain. He also wont stop talking about his friends and thier good relationships, I also found out hes been lying about me and has been telling his friends that I cant be trusted, when I dyed my hair he was saying some pretty mean things about it behind mt back and worse one of his friends told me he has been calling me names. After we broke up I got really close as friends with a guy. He got mad at me telling me that I’m a cheater, after he broke up. What do I do?



    I think you need to re-evaluate this relationship. If he doesn’t feel comfortable bringing you around his inner circle and is talking bad about you behind your back, that is not someone you want to be with. You should definitely bring up these concerns and say that you will not be putting up with disrespect, he wanted to get back together so he should be able to make the commitment. If not, move on.



    Leave him alone. He does not know what he wants. He is not serious about you. Never ever be with someone that puts you down. Your mate should be the one you can trust and encourage you to do better and show you off to his family and friends.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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