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    So I have a boyfriend we have long distance we have known eachother now for a year. Everything was going so well, I mean we talk everyday and so on. But there has been some things that made me doubt on him. I have asked some question on several occasions like what he feels about me, what he sees in this relationship and his goals about our situation if I should try to move for some month and get back. But he always doesn’t know or saying will se how it will goes. I have meet his friends family I know that there’s no one there but he seems like really confused what he wants in his life he dosent was Ben has ambition and this was the reason I had to break up with him cause there was so much drama going on also but he knows how I feel about this I told him I can’t be with someone that does not knows what he wants cause I know what I want. My question is will he realise ? Didn’t want to break up but I felt like I didn’t have a choice 🙁



    you should walk away from him, an not waist your time, time is the most valuable thing you got, even tho its hard. you shouldn’t wait for someone to make you happy, you need to make yourself happy, if he does not no what he wants thats his problem his loss, not yours. dont wait for someone to realize your worth if you keep on asking him, what he feels about you, if a guy likes you or wants you believe me you’ll know.



    Walk away you are worth more than that. Someone will meet you and give you their all. His loss!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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