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    Hi, I’m a 21 year-old girl. I’m a freshman student in this school since last september(2018). My classmate is a fun guy, I felt through time that we were developping a good friendship, but I was not analysing anything about the situation. Until it came a time when he started looking me deep in the eye. When our eyes meet when we’re with a group of friends, he tend to make the eye contact longer, fearless but doesn’t seem playful. It seemed to me like saying something I didn’t understand or trying to read something out of me. I wasn’t really thinking about him at all at that time. Then, it came days when I set next to him or not so far and he seemed to intensely stare at me, he looks at me often, I didn’t catch his eyes because I was afraid to turn and look, but I felt it, and it was quite clear, he wasn’t that far. Sometimes when I look at something he searches where my eyes are looking. I felt so often that he was trying to make eye contact with me. But, with time, not so long, I won’t say I gave him too much attention, I was ignoring his staring and acting like I didn’t notice even though it was impossible not to notice, I started to be like a bit happy, I felt connection even though there was not too much of special conversations. I was starting to be more smiley when saying hi back, and when he says hi he had soft voice. Then, things changed a bit, when I tried to catch eyes he runs and then I give up so he trys. I was a bit like a game. I HATE games to the last breath. It’s been few days since I’ve been ignoring him, though we have a lot of team work together but that doesn’t bother me, all I seak is not for him to go beyond limits and think that it’s okay for him to play games, he had sometimes habbit of giving a bit back at me when he stands next to me and today I just pushed his arm a bit and told him softly to back up abit no eye contact and I was talking with someone else. Sometimes through some words or looks I felt that he is trying to show me he has pride and like he doesn’t know anything about anything going on, but I don’t know if it is just in my head.
    I would really appreciate you answering me, do he like and afraid, or playing games? Is there anything to do to make him more confortable? and last to keep safe my pride? please keep my message private. Thank you very much!

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