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    hi I started going to college at buffalo state college I start following this guy on Instagram. I had fined this guy attractive. I was stalking his insta stories he will post in a minute I will watch in a heartbeat. this year I spoke to him but I wanted to get to know him. but he ignored my sign so I stop liking him. but all of a sudden I start liking him a again. I start see him more but I wouldn’t talk to him because I am sacred. On may 8 I went to dinner in the dining and I saw but walked away I went to go sit with my friends and he kept starting at me. he went and got food just to it away but as he was going to put the food away he was looking at me while walking. I really like him but I am really sacred to even be next to him what should I do.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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