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    Santiago Heredia

    Me and my girlfriend fell mad in love, and about 2 months in the relationship I decided to break up with her, only to get back with her the week after (realizing the women I had lost). She took me with arms open begging and chased me up until 3 weeks ago, this school break started and we began texting a lot, she began having trust issues with me due to the breakup(thinking I’ll leave her again and leave her heartbroken) and won’t allow herself to fall deep in love again, which I understand will take time to heal. The dynamic has recently changed as I’ve began to need to validate her more so she doesn’t leave me thinking I’m uninterested and now it’s as if I’m the one chasing her, I’m the one putting all the effort. Due to this long 3 week school break(which will last another 5 weeks), I can’t see her nearly as often but have a lot of time to text her, which is very dull and I can tell is becoming boring. She is beginning to text other male friends she has for excitement and I am beginning to lose interest and hope. What do I need to do to keep this relationship alive and survive through these next weeks. I am in urgent need, every day more fights and more distance grows as we cannot see each other and other guys begin to text her.



    Hi Santiago,

    If you keep trying to keep her interest, she will sense your desperation and get turned off. This could lead to her wanting to be with some other guy.

    It’s best to work on making your life as fun and enjoyable as you can over the course of the next several weeks of your school break.

    She needs to get the impression that you are engaged in other activities and having fun without her.

    Don’t be so quick to text her back or initiate conversations.

    You need to start giving her the impression that your time is valuable. If you make yourself too available to her, you lessen your value and this could ultimately turn her off.

    To improve the chances of keeping this relationship alive through the next 5 weeks of school break, you need to actually take a step back and stop trying so hard.

    Get busy with other activities in your life. Again, don’t be so quick to text her back or initiate conversations.

    This may have the effect of forcing her to understand the value of your time.

    As a result, she may start chasing you again as she once did.

    You have to let her start putting in the work to keep you around. This kind of effort is often what will make a girl stay in a relationship.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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