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    My current girlfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. There have been talks of marriage and getting our own house together. 2 weeks ago she found out an ex BF of hers from 3 years ago passed away July of 2018. Now she will not talk to me about it, all I know about him is that he was an alchoholic and that they spoke from time to time. Now she threw me out of her house that we were living in together, she has had a lot of contact with the family, she asked for personal belongings of his and will not speak to me and just says she needs to be alone. I’ve tried being by her side but is just pushing me away. I had bought her a necklace that symbolizes us and are relationship that she never took off. The day she found out he passed away she took it off and will not out it back on. I had asked her once why she wasn’t wearing it and she said she doesn’t have time to out it on.
    Can someone please try to enlighten me why she is pushing me away and doing the things she’s doing please?

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