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    Arsalan Jameel

    Hey, my girlfriend and i have been together for a few months now and love each other very much. We both live in Islamabad, Pakistan where the social climate towards dating is very different than the US and the rest of the Western World. Basically for girls in Pakistan, all relationships are kept a secret from their parents. My girlfriend’s dad is controlling to a toxic level. A couple weeks ago her father read my girlfriend’s diary, which included details about me, and since then he hasn’t been letting her out. This is seriously impacting our relationship and i’m worried that things are getting worse between us. Please give me advice to get out of this situation



    Hi Arsalan,

    Her father may be worried that he doesn’t know who you are and what your background is. He may be worried that you may corrupt his daughter.

    If you come from a good family, you can try to use your good family name to help improve your situation.

    The next time that he lets her out, perhaps to go to church or the mosque, you should find a way to send her a message and tell her to inform her father about the kind of family that you come from and that they are willing to talk to him and introduce themselves.

    If you already love each other this much, you have both probably already considered marriage at some point in the future.

    Her father may take this offer and decide to speak to a member of your family.

    If he feels good about the interaction and the fact that you come from a good family, he may feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of letting his daughter out to meet you and may start letting it happen.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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