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    Thank you so much for the response. She messaged me on whatsapp after I sent her what you said….and then the truth came out….her ex bf was convicted of a crime and the cops came to her house to confirm her identity.(I can’t go into details for her protection and privacy).
    Her mom found out about her ex and his crime and asked about me. Her parents then found out I was 21 and not 16, the age my gf implied I was to them when she first told them about me. Due to the situation with the ex bf and his crime, they made her block me and took her phone away to prevent a similar situation in which they feared would happen due to the paranoia of her ex.

    I understand why she did what she did having known all the details now. We spoke on the phone and all the truths came out. The situation isn’t good, law enforcement is involved since she was with her ex at the time of his crime. She didn’t know he did his crime back then, she was dating him at the time. We spoke and she said she still loves me and that she’s sorry for the way she panicked and blocked me even though her parents told her too. However, when I asked “are we still on?”(as in together)…she said “can we give it some time? Like yes, we’re still on but can we give it some time?” I proceeded to ask what she meant…and then her mom came home and had to put her phone back where her mom is hiding it.

    I think she meant “give it some time. Like yes, we’re still on, but can we give it some time” as in she won’t have her phone for awhile because of the situation with her ex and law enforcementand and for her own protection… she doesn’t want me to think that she will be able to talk every day like we used to. And due to the 5yr age gap(legal ages) between us, that only makes the whole situation even more stressful for her due to her ex’s crime impact on her and her family. She did sound sincere and I would have done the same thing her shoes due to paranoia and association. Thoughts?



    Hi J,

    When she said, “Can we give it some time?,” she may have meant that she wants to see how things play out before she can definitively decide on whether the both of you are still on.

    If she is telling the truth about her ex boyfriend and the situation with law enforcement, she may not know where all of this is leading.

    On top of that, she has her parents to worry about.

    In essence, she may have been insinuating that she wants some time to see if things blow over before she can definitively tell you that you are both still on.

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