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    A girl (both of us are 26 years of age) I met in school had initially seemed very interested in me. We shared a similar personality and enjoyment of our work. As I would talk to her I would stare her in the eyes, resulting in her momentarily meeting my gaze and subsequently looking down, smiling, and biting her lip. She loved to initiate conversations and would bring up very personal abstractions (such as the thought of me taking care of her future children) while asking me for help with physics homework.

    Six months into this friendship I had told her (by IM) I liked her and simply wanted to see a movie. She declined albeit politely. No sooner than this had occurred she became rude to me and would later completely ignore me. Interestingly, however, was her tendency to stare at me from afar.

    I started ignoring her and would notice that she would frequently attempt to look at me and occupy a similar physical presence, often not leaving a classroom until I had left. She does not however speak to me or allow me to meet her gaze (she looks away very quickly). For context, she goes out of her way to look at me: if she is leaving a room within which I am seated, she will turn around to catch one more look right before exiting the room.

    I do believe she is interested in me. Am I wrong?

    Also for context, we both go to school in New York.

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