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    So I’m originally from New Orleans but my mother and I were relocated to south Texas after hurricane Katrina in 2005; I was 13 at the time. Over the years and through social media specifically Facebook I’ve kept up with my old classmates from elementary/middle school. I recently made an instagram account this summer and I guess my physical “glow up” has been noticed. There’s this guy in particular whenever I post a photo on Facebook or instagram he’ll like the photo but he started sliding in my dms nothing creepy or thirsty I guess just trying to start a conversation since I haven’t seen him in so long. We are both obviously adults now and I will say he’s grown a lot, he’s a very attractive young man and seems to have his head on straight despite living in a rough city like New Orleans and I told him that. In one of our messages I straight up asked him if he’s single because he’s very attractive he said yes and that he hasn’t found the right lady yet then he asked if I have a man because to him I’m very beautiful. I told I’m single and haven’t found the right guy yet and I said maybe we’ll both find what we’re looking for in the new year. So last Sunday, he once again randomly messaged me and I basically told him I’ll be going back to New Orleans in May for a wedding and that I’d love to link one time get reacquainted then I gave him my number, told him to hit me up sometime he responded back and said he would but he hasn’t yet. Am I overthinking the fact that he hasn’t contacted me yet. My hope or what I would like to happen is that hopefully when I do go back we meet up see where we both are in life and can possibly develop some type of friendship. The reason for me even giving him my number is because I don’t really like men in my dms like that it comes off as creepy or thirsty and I figured he’s not a stranger he’s someone I can keep in touch with from time to time I guess I’m used to guys immediately contacting me after I give them my number so it’s just bothering me a bit that he hasn’t yet. But at the same time I didn’t exactly give him my number out of romantic interest as well. And I guess to be honest since I’ve been single deep down inside if some type of relationship were to come out of this that could be cool too. Please tell me your thoughts on this. Am I overthinking this whole thing. If there is a mutual attraction can we just be friends? Do you think there would be potential for a relationship if things were to go down that road? Why did he say he would contact but he hasn’t yet? What if he’s just a player in the end? Please help lol and sorry if this too long

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