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    Hi, so I am in the military. I just moved to Hawaii but 4 months after arriving, I got picked up for the next rank and had to come back to the mainland for training. I met this guy before I left, and we hit it off…met at a pajama party and then went on a dinner date the day before i departed. he was very respectful and understood why I had to leave, since he is also in the military. I figured once I left, he and I wouldn’t continue talking because “why wait on someone?” To my surprise, we have consistently been talking the entire time I’ve been gone. Immediately upon my arrival, I told him about how i was having trouble sleeping and how terrible the air quality is in the hotel that I’m staying at and he randomly sent me an air diffuser. Then a few months later, he sent me more essential oils for the diffuser. Then for my birthday (which I don’t remember ever telling him directly about when my birthday was) he sent me bath bombs. Then, just recently, he sent me a snuggly robe from Ralph Lauren. The conversations we have are very deep and philosophical, and we talk about a lot of great topics, very thought provoking. I’m emailing you because as “clear” as this may seem that he’s interested, I’m unsure if he actually is. When we talk on the phone, he keeps things very “safe” and usually does not directly say things that insinuate that he’s trying to date me or see where things go. I’m not sure if he’s trying to be vague on purpose to not get my hopes up, or he’s guarding his heart. Based on the gifts, I’m unsure if he’s just being “nice” or a friend…I do remember when I first left, he told me that if things are meant to be, then they will happen when I return, but he’s more than willing to be a great friend to me, if that’s what’s in the cards. So I’m a little unsure. Can you help?!

    I am very interested in this man and I’d really like to see a future with him. Should I just stop freaking out and just let things happen? I return to Hawaii next week.

    Thank you!

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