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    Hi few weeks ago i asked my crush to be me girlfriend but she tryed to avoid the topic then when i came strong she said you why me. So i told i like her And again she avoided the topic .then i understood she doesn’t see me like that and told good luck for her future and i didn’t contact her. Now she is asking me meet her what should i do ?



    Hi Prajval,

    If she is asking you to meet her, make sure that you are clear on her intentions.

    In other words, you should find out if she is looking to meet you as a friend or if she is interested in you as romantic potential.

    If she makes it clear that she is interested in you romantically and she wants to meet you on that level, you should meet her.

    Try going out with her a good number of times before trying to make her your girlfriend.

    She may have avoided the topic of becoming your girlfriend when you asked her to be because she wanted to spend some time going out with you first.

    She may have wanted to get to know you through conversation and shared activities before either agreeing to become your girlfriend or not.

    This would be a better approach to use as opposed to trying to make her your girlfriend right away.

    This slow and steady approach with her may help you ultimately convince her to become your girlfriend in the foreseeable future.



    I asked her about that she said if i wanted to get in a relationship why would i said no to you .so what does it mean?



    She may be insinuating that she wants to remain friends.

    In essence, she is telling you that she has already turned down your offer and thereby she has demonstrated that she doesn’t want to get into a relationship with you.

    However, in telling her good luck with her future and not contacting her after she declined your attempts to make her your girlfriend, you may have put her in a panic.

    She may fear that she is losing you as a friend and she doesn’t want that.

    Her entire motivation for this meeting may simply be to keep you as a friend.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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