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    Good Evening,

    I’ve been a silent subscriber for years and I greatly appreciate your precise and to the point advice.

    Scenario: I started a relationship 6 weeks ago with a gentleman who I have been communicating with for about 3 months. (We met online, FaceTimed, phone etc before meeting) He lives 2 hours away, in my hometown (NYC) which I plan to relocate back to at some point within a year or two. I also work in the city, so I’m actually there more often than not.

    He said I love you first and offered for me to leave clothes and things at his house. He says he wants the same things I do. I think he’s an awesome catch and we get along but….

    The issue is, he is a divorced father of two. His firstborn is a disabled teen and second born is 12. My new boyfriend is their primary caretaker. At first, he kind of gave the impression that his ex wife of 18 years(divorced for 7 years) had the children every other weekend. He has explained last week with pain in his voice, that she has been spiteful since the divorce. He often has to reschedule events, outings and has the disabled son 24/7. He uses a babysitter sometimes. I’ve met the disabled son but he is not ready for me to meet the other son.

    My boyfriend has stopped texting and calls consistently but the frequency decreased. I get anxious and sometimes struggle with separation anxiety in relationships. How often should he call me? I decided to stop calling and texting after mentioning his decreased contact. He was very chatty and reached out multiple times a day at first. Do I have fair expectations?

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