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    I have currently been dating a guy for a total of 3 months. We dated in December and then took a break in January and dated in February and March. He went on a trip to Mexico City March 17-21 and came back very different. He was all about me before the trip: meeting his friends, co-workers, brothers and taking me out to dates both in daylight and night time. We even talked about the potential of us being an actual item… but after he returned he became distant and started flaking on me more, seeing me less BUT increased communication (via text) to talking to me Morning, noon and night. This includes asking about my day, my family and my friends. Our last interaction together he helped me with my car and we didn’t sleep together but cuddled all night… however I don’t see him during the weekend anymore (2 weeks straight), I haven’t seen his friends/brothers and he has canceled on me last minute twice…WHAT HAPPENED?!

    PS – I am ready to let him go and even planned on telling him in a respectful way about how I have been feeling in person today, but he canceled. Should I just move on or schedule a time to see him, tell him and move on?

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