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    Princess Whioke

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you could share some light on this
    “situationship” as it seems to be common thread,
    you probably already had this many times before.
    (story time lol)

    I came across a guy who is a public figure relationship speaker and has a large female following. He post countless of videos and IG post that he is single and what he hopes to find in a female counter part. My intuition tells me other wise and i was RIGHT BANG ON that he is in a “relationship or situation-ship” since 2019, however he recently posted a video 3 weeks ago literally saying ‘if your dating me, your dating a fucking man” sounds like a single man statement.

    The question is:

    The intention isn’t about finding out he was in a relationship or situation ship, but a man at this level who is a public figure LIES about being in a situation-ship or relationship and keeps making videos about him being single, it baffles me! WHY go to great lengthens and frolic around social media your SINGLE! Not to mention his female counter part dedicating her energy into this as well!

    Q1: Is this a facade to uphold because that is the blue print of his brand/business?
    Q2: Is he using her out of comfort? Courting stages to see if she is wife material?

    I know so many other males and females going through this, very interesting!




    Hi Princess Whioke,

    Yes, it is a facade.

    If he were to let on that he is in a situationship or relationship, he may turn off a good number of his large female following.

    Part of the mystique is that he is available and yet unattainable.

    This mystique alone can make females follow a guy to great lengths with the desire to obtain what they cannot have or to learn the secrets of how to go about doing it with a similar man.

    This helps to keep his brand/business constantly flourishing and popular.

    It is unlikely that he is courting this female counterpart to see if she is wife material.

    He wouldn’t keep proclaiming on social media and on his videos that he is single if he were truly courting her.

    A guy would worry that he may turn off the girl that he is courting if he were to do this.

    He would worry that he would give the girl the impression that he is actually not serious about courting her in constantly declaring that he is single on social media or on videos.

    Thereby, he may have a status of “single” on his social media but he is not going to repeatedly proclaim that he is to his followers, especially when a lot of those followers are female.

    This female counterpart may simply be someone that he uses to fulfill his physical desires.

    Unfortunately, she may be of the belief that something more will come out of her relationship with him.

    However, a situationship is often a very precarious type of relationship to be in that doesn’t often end with both parties getting into a legitimate exclusive relationship.

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