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    Was with a player for 6 months. No commitment, but we had a very affectionate, respectful “relationship”. We talked 3-4 times a day, spent the night at each others houses, even said I love you’s all day everyday. Went out with him and his friends. Friends had young dates about 22. We are in our 40’s. He introduced me as his homegirl. I took him to the side and asked whats up with that and he got angry with me. He said i should know what we are amd who cares about a title. He was angry the rest of the night and he’s been shut down since then. Its been about a month now. I tried talking to him about how it made me feel, he got more distant. He kept pushing me away until but still texted everyday just saying GM or GN. I stopped answering the text. The next day he texted “Got it” and i havent heard from him since. Should i try to fix this or should i walk away. I do love him and i would like to work it, just dont know if he cares enough to even try to reciprocate. Its confusing because he changed drastically from one day to the next

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