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    elijah coleman

    So i went to a party where there was casual drinking and some young lady i thought was attractive was there. We kicked off the night well chilling, playing games and showed many signs of attraction and flirtatious movements. I did my studying with body language so i have general understanding. Fast forward, we saw each other at school and had some heys and hellos as we walked by and many stares and glances at each other throughout the week. I asked a mutual friend if the girl was going to homecoming or had a date and said no but was not planning on going. Mind you this mutual friend was more of my friend and she barely talked to her and i’m closer to the mutual friend then the girl i’m talking about. I said okay and went on that week with an offer if she would like to come with me. I didn’t want to ask because it looks wack and basic. She said she “didn’t have a date but was not planning on attending” like the friend said but the girl still wanted to see me at the after party. I ended it with a “i’ll see u there, i’ll see you around” she said “see you” What does this mean? Does she still want to get to know me or what? I have a back up homecoming date so should I hang with the new one at the party. It’s kind of hard because the first girl seems like she wants to hang because that’s all we did at the party i mentioned. And to be honest there might be sexual tension like before. Please let me know ASAP



    Hi Elijah,

    As of now, she may not be particularly interested in getting to know you. If there is an interest, it may be quite weak at this time.

    Going to homecoming with you was her opportunity to begin the real process of getting to know you and she didn’t take it.

    You should hang out with the backup date at the after party.

    Even if this first girl that you like shows up there, it is a good idea to have her see you with this other girl.

    This is often what can make a girl feel like a guy is worth pursuing and can trigger a sense of competition in her mind.

    Though it may seem as though the first girl wants to hang because that is all that the both of you did at the first party, this may actually not be the case.

    Try not to hang on to all the sexual tension that you felt with her at that first party.

    That was in the moment.

    She may come to this after party a totally different person from who you remembered in that first party.

    Hence, avoid having all these expectations in your mind.

    Simply go to this after party with this new girl that you will go to homecoming with and hang out with this new girl as much as possible.

    If this first girl shows up and sees you, this may be what she needs to finally light a very strong spark of motivation on her part to try to start talking to you on a serious level.

    Play it cool while you are there and avoid trying to get the first girl’s attention.

    Instead, focus most of your attention on the new girl.

    Let the first girl feel the urge to come to you.

    If she does this, you have succeeded in sparking her interest.

    From here, it may only be a matter of time before the both of you go out on an official first date.

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