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    So today I received a text from an unknown number saying “Hey” so, naturally, I responded with “Who’s this?” and in response, the person sent back an explicit nude picture of himself with the caption “Remember now?”. I immediately took a screenshot and showed my boyfriend because I was so disgusted and wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t let him know that this happened. He started to get upset with me saying that it has to be someone I know and that he thinks I’m just saying that I don’t know who it is but I really do. I told him I really have no idea and i’ve never seen the number. Now throughout the whole day he’s been pretty much stonewalling me. He won’t ingore me, but when I call he only gives on word answers and same thing if I text. He has acted jealous before (and I can get that way sometimes too), but what does this mean? Please help.

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