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    Hello sir,I’m fadoua 21 yo from Algeria, I’m a college student 3d year ,last year i began to admire this young man who is three years older,i spoke with him on ig we started to understand each other’s personality ( we talk like 4hs sometimes),hecsaw me few times and we say hello to each other from a far he tried ones to talk but i was afraid and looked the other way day he told me he trusts me .and mixed signals started to show i wanted to end this so i told him i like him he said he likes me too and it’s serious and personal matter and wanted to see me , when he said that he was acting like he never saw he physically i was angry and i told him you are a manipulator he was choked of my reaction but he said I’m a contradictory person..and he’s not perfect too and he has this ego issues so i apologize to him for the misunderstanding and he said it’s okay after two days he didn’t text me and i found out he started following another girl ( as he usually do follow tgen unfollow them except me and a family members) what should i do ??! I’m really into him but if i knew he’s a manipulator I’ll block him for good

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