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    Hi again, thank you for all your help and advice lately.

    So i took your advice and it was all going smooth until i met his friend with this guy he doesn’t like.
    The guy i like didn’t come and then got very angry at me for meeting the guy he doesn’t like with his friend, it all blew up and he started bringing up the past, about when i told him i liked him.
    He was very rude and said that he felt that he could’nt act normal around me because i liked him, implying that its all been fake.
    I have completely iced myself out from him, he’s toxic.

    Until he pops up bickering and acting like he hates me when i ask him why he is mad at me.
    if he truely loved me then either he is pushing me away or I’m being stupid and i need to realise that he does just hate me.
    What do i do?



    Hi Marshy,

    He sounds controlling and manipulative.

    These are often signs of a toxic individual as opposed to a loving one.

    To try to make you feel guilty for meeting his friend who was accompanied by a guy that he doesn’t like is manipulative.

    A guy like this could be really bad for your mental well-being.

    Out of fear that you could upset him due to his insecurities, you may find yourself struggling to maintain healthy relationships with other people in your life.

    Leave him be for now and go about your business.

    If he chooses to communicate with you, make sure that you have an honest conversation about his attitude.

    If he isn’t willing to change his attitude for the better, it may be best for you to let him go for good.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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