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    I am in a May-December relationship. I am the younger female, he is the older male. Everything seems to be going great, he treats me well and visa versa. We have been “together” for two years, and since the beginning I’ve asked him what are we? Are we in a relationship? are we boyfriend and girlfriend. He will ignore me everytime.

    I have even asked him, did he just want me only for sex. He says no, am I just something to keep him entertained, Is he some sugar-daddy, etc, but he seems offended when I ask such questions.

    My feelings are invested, but I am started to feel like this is a waste of my time. Everytime I am about to just leave him he starts to freak out and does whatever to keep me, but whats the point. I want a future one day with someone, not just whatever this is.

    He has some financial issues going on and I am wondering is that why he is quiet about everything and he says to just focus on me, but this doesn’t give a clear answer. Why is it so hard for him to answer a simple question? a man of his age (50) generally knows what he wants.I am upset, especially because I know I am the “whole package” what more can he want?

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