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    Hello, so a few months back I had gotten a friend request on snapchat from a guy I had known in the past who I ended up completely cutting ties with and deleted him from all my social media. It was only a few weeks ago that I decided to accept his friend request b/c I thought the past was the past and I honestly have no issues with him. However, yesterday night I had gotten a snap from him of a selfie with what appears to be him shirtless. The snap consisted of mainly his face with a filter saying just cheesing, but I could definitely see his bare chest. Honestly it completely had taken me off guard for I wasn’t expecting that at all from him. Especially how I remember him seeing me as in the past. You see we used to work together a few years back. I was 21 at the time and he was 26/27. For me it was like love at first sight for I was completely infatuated by him. I still to this day have never felt that sense of attraction with anyone else. I never was honest with him about my feelings b/c I didn’t think he felt the same way because of the age difference and plus he gave vibes that he saw me as a kid. Anyways a few months into the job a girl around my age was hired and she immediately clicked with him. I kinda became a little confused and not gonna lie jealous of him giving her attention and treating her differently. I just couldn’t really understand since she and I were the same age pretty much. Anyways it came to a point where I started to think irrationally because I was so upset and ended up giving him the silent treatment. It became obvious to him and everyone at my job that I had a problem with him. I never explained myself to him or anyone. To be honest my behavior was really cold and it really took him off guard for I’m typically really warm and bubbly. One day I decided that I couldn’t handle my feelings about him anymore so I quit and never said goodbye. This was all 3 years ago. So, you can imagine how I felt really surprised and confused after receiving the friend request after I completely cut ties with him. Especially after the way I had treated him. His snap especially is something I never would of expected from him due to the fact that he saw me in a platonic way I guess. We really don’t have anything in common and I can see why in the past he never entertained any thoughts of being interested in me. I do remember on a couple occasions during down time at work he would ask me in what I thought was his way of joking around with me about how my “boyfriend” was doing when in reality he knew I was single. Every time he would ask me I would give him the same response that I don’t have a boyfriend. Anyways, I’m so confused. I obviously did not respond to his snap but I just do not understand why he initiated that so randomly after all these years without any contact in between. I don’t understand his intentions. Typically I can get over my crushes and not care too much about some guys advances but with him for some reason I can’t help but not ponder about him from time to time. Honestly I don’t trust him but I just don’t understand why I can’t stop thinking about him. His snap was not necessarily sexual I don’t think but it definitely is pushing it. If you have any feedback for me I am open to it. Thank you!

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