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    hello so this is my story, ive never really done this. so here it goes, i was helping this girl out, from high school. we were really good friends back in the day. we graduated 10 years ago. an life just took us in different directions. so i decided to add her on facebook around October of last year, so i added sent her a friend request and she accepted me, i haven’t seen her or talk to her in years so i just decided to message her. and say hello. i noticed she went to japan. an i asked her lets go to japan,will you be my tour guide, and she agreed. she said “$buy my ticket an ill be your tour guide” an im like yeah sure. i invited you so i pay. so then we agreed and a couple weeks went buy and i noticed that she posted a post on facebook, saying that she was down to her last 20$ and she was broke an had no money for food. and her mom got put in a mental hospital. and she basicly had no support. she said whoever reads this, even if you donate 1$ it would help. so me being a nice person and a good friend, sent her 25$ an i told her” buy some food” i gots you. at this time in my life i wasnt working due to a back injury i sustained at work i was basically in pain everyday, . so i was getting workers comp checks. on her post on facebook, she said she wasnt able to work due to her mental issues. so i told her well ill help you out get on your feet. kuz im a good person like that. we already had a japan tripped plan, thats the reason we started talking, so she told me her situation and i decided to help her out. an we started talking i would message her practically every day, to see how she was doing, an everyday she would say stressed. she informed me she was demisexual/Aromantic she told me she didnt date, kuz i guess ever since her last boyfriend she had a bad experience im guessing and she didnt wanna be with anyone anymore, so i told her that i didnt want anything sexual with you, i just wanted a friend and build a bond/emotional connection with someone. i didn’t want to have sex with her, i was just there to help her and be a good friend. so we talked about our japan trip,were we were going to go/stay she said she wanted to get a hotel in akihabara an im like cool ill do my research, an then i would always see her post pictures/videos with a bunch of different guys, going to dinners, san diego zoo. cosplay events, let me remind you she said she had no money. she was broke and i was helping her, so i got a little upset. and i told her ‘well what do you want me to think since your always with a bunch of guys’ she told me’i want you to know that i have friends im not dating or hooking up with anybody an all my friends are mostly girls’ id rather talk to my ex then you, so we kinda got into a little fight, and the next day i asked her how she was doing, an she like, ‘im stressed out on money and bills, go talk to other girls since you always hit up people from high school leave me alone dont talk to me unless your helping me’ an im like’ i am helping you how much do you need’ shes like’ more then you can offord’ an im like you need 1k’ an she like’i need more then 1k’ so she requested 100$ from me’ an i sent it to here’ kuz she told me she was unemployed and her disability ran out, an she went to court and i guess her unemployment got denied, an no one was supporting her, an me being a good friend helped her, so then i sent her 100$we started talking an she was stressed everyday, an i told her’ im here to listen to you, your never alone, im always here for you, even if i cant be there next to you, im still here over facebook telling you i care because i do, so then December comes, an i asked her if she had enough money to pay her phone bill, an she said no so i sent her 50$ for her phone bill and extra for food, this is when she informed me kuz i asked her well whats strressing you out, then she informed me she was in debt 3400$ in her credit card, she told me that she hit her limit a long time ago on her card, an i told her well im here to help you, so then after i also bought her a rip n dip unicorn doll, that i wrapped myself, i asked her what she does for fun and she said play video games, i got her 2 switch games a play station 1 years subscription for online for 1 year in total that was about 145$ plus the doll was 45$ so in total it was about 200$ for all the stuff, at this time in my life, my grandmother past away on my moms birthday, in the beginning of December and all this girl told me was be strong, i never got a how are you, how are you feeling. how was your day, nothing, i would always be the one to message her on facebook, because i genuinely cared about her, i asked her how she was doing an she always would say, ‘per shitty as usual’ and im like ‘well im here to listen to you, your never alone, i always gots your back, ima help you get on your feet, i promise you, so about a week later it was the day before Christmas eve, and we got into an argument, kuz she had no money for food, i was broke at this time kuz i spent money on her gifts, so she requested 30$ from me, and im like ill figure something out, so i went to the Walmart, around were i live, an i wasn’t having a good month, due to my back pain,stress from not working and me and her arguing, so i went to return a game i purchased, at the Walmart, and they were giving me a hard time, so i got a little upset, some guy gave me a panic attack when i was waiting in line, an he kept staring at me, and i told me what are you looking at, i wasn’t in a good mode to begin with, with everything going on in my life, so i walked by him and accidentally bumped his shoulder, not hard but soft, and then i return the game and the Walmart clerk is just being an a hole, so she throws the receipt at me, an tells me that the money wont be in my account for 5 days so i just get pist, i needed the money now so i could sent it to my friend, i just went to Walmart to give her money for food, and then i walk away and spit at the counter, 2 cops grab me outside, and now i got 2 assault charges, just for returning a video game, and for spitting at the counter at Walmart, kuz she had no customer service, so i after, i realize what ive done and i mess up, kuz now i got 1 ticket, an i get kicked out from walmart for life, after all this i sent her the money and told her what happend? she calls me right away, and tells me what happen, i tell her, i have no record, ive never been in trouble with the law only when i was a teenager in high school. my records always been clean, so the next day a couplke of days after Christmas i repurchased the game i returned. so after this i told her if i could go see her to give her stuffed animal an video games she lived like 40 minutes away, she said no, you could just mail them so i mailed them threw the ups, she gave me her address and everything, so when she got the package with her doll n her 3 video games and her play station 1 year online subscription she told me the only thing in the box was the doll i got her, and nothing else, she told me that there was nothing else in the box just the doll, that there were no video games in there,and im like ‘what do you mean everything was supposed to be in the box’, i saw them put it in there, an shes like well if you would have sent money, i would have just bought them myself and nothing would have gotten stolen, i got a little upset kuz that was her xmas gift, so a couple days later i hire an atterny, witch ws 4k of my money, when i told her about what happend, she told me well i write to you in jail, idk what was going to happen to me, and i was really scared, so i go on with my life, and me n her start talking good again,she tells me she started college, an she had no money for her school books i would ask her if she had eaten threwout the day and she said one time all she ate was popcorn, so i sent her 4o$ for the week so she could buy some food if she was ever hungry, we got into a arguement, kuz i told her to dress up as a sailor mars for me kuz she was a cosplayer and she got mad, and said ill never dress up for you, your groos im done talking to you bye, and she said just forget about the books an i told her no ill buy them dont worry, and shes like no its fine, the next day i was like hey ima go buy your books, she was like not your problem anymore, ima put it all on my credit card, and i told her your past your limit tho and your going to get charged shes like oh well not your problem bye, and i told her your not even making a dent on your credit card debt, your just gonna stress yourself out more, im here to help you, and shes like idc bye, i was practicly begging her to let me help her,later that day we were on good terms again and she told me ‘we need to get our passports’, i need to leave the country kuz im overwhelmed and stressed, i told her soon well be in japan dont worry, so i got my passport first, then she got hers, she told me it was 190$ and her aunt let her barroow money, and she needed to payy her aunt back, i was so happy that we got our passports, kuz we were so close to going to japan, this was before the corona virus hit the united states, so she told me yeah lets get a hotel well go at the end of may when im done with school, well get a hotel in akihabara, n i told her well stay for 10 days, so after i pay her books and we get our passports she tells me her situation about her grandma and her problems at home, i ask her how are you and shes like stressed about money n family, she said,’ my uncle got arrested and we need to pay a will, it was 500$’, i guess he wanted a divorce from his wife or something, and she didnt want to kuz she was trying to get her green card, so her uncles wife made up a lie and put him in jail, and she was really stressed out about that kuz she said were trying to kick this lady out, an i guess no one can help out her grandma so i decided to pay it, once i got my check kuz my workers comp case was already ending, at the end of January i got a 1k check, and i said heres 500$ for your grandma 195 for your aunt, and 50$ for you to buy some food, and pay your phone bill, i also sent her flowers that day to her address and i wanted to surprise her, so i called a flower delivery service, near were she lives she told me her favorite color was purple and she liked sunflowers, and sent her flowers without knowing, so i asked her did you get your flowers yet, and she got upset, and say’you sent flowers? dude you better have not, my family is juhuvas witnesses, ima get in trouble, so i was like well if you dont want them just throw them away, ill just cancel the order, and shes like no f it, no dont cancel it, at the same time i asked her have you eating any food, and shes like no, so i orderd her some el piolo loco she wanted a mango bowl so i ordered one for her and her cousin, she told me juhuvas witnesses arnt allowed to be alone with a guy, we have to be chaperoned, she also told me she wasnt able to hang out with guys, kuz her grandma dosnt let her hang out with guys unless shes married or something, so then its the beginning of February, an she tells me she suffers from social anxiety and depression, an im lke thats okay, im here to accept you for who you are, i would never change who you are, im only here to try my best to understand you, then a couple days later i was chilling at my friends house, and shes tells me i dont talk to criminals, why are all these guys from jail trying to get at me, then she tells me she had a boyfriend, i was already buzzed, so ii told her stuff i called her a slut and a hoe, she told me she was dating a black guy, and i have no problem with any race my friends are from new york and there black i have alot of friends from all different ethnicity’s , but i got mad about how she told me she was asexual and demi romantic and she told me she had a boyfriend when she told me before she didnt date, so i was upset at that, and then a couple days later i appoligized to her for telling her mean things, she never appoligized to me when she told me she had a boyfriend, in my mind im like why would you even say that, why would you lie about that stuff, so then a couple days later its the day of the super bowl, i sent her a message the night before kuz she told me she was sick, and im like hope you feel better, the next day i wake up, i see a message from her saying’feel like dying’ ive lost a couple of my friends to suicide so when i see a message like that i try to contact her. an she dosnt respond back, so i leave my house to try to get my mind of it, 7 hours later she replys back saying shes at a super bowl party, dosnt even aknowledge what she said to me, in the morning, so then i tell her stuff i was at a party myself, really drunk, and in my mind im thinking who are you with? your probibly with your boyfriend huh, since she told me that she had a bf then she said she was married, and shes like im at my dads house, i havnt even seen this girl first of all, nor we have barley talked on the phone, she told me phone calls stress her out, an im not allowed to call her at all, she says ‘your crazy and you need to see a therapist, i dont appreciate you, value you, i dont care about you, i will never love you, i dont care about your feelings, i want to be friends with other people not you, id rather have conversations with other people not you, your toxic, your abusuive your obssesed with me, leave me alone, take this all at face value’ then a couple days later i see her posting pictures of herself on the internet in a bikini, all reveling her body n stuff online on facebook and instagram in swimsuits, so i got really upset and i told her, whats up with those picture, i got a little jealous kuz i started catching feelings for her kuz i had empathy for her, i wanted to show her that someone cared about her, that she was never alone, she tells me she was looking for cosplay sponsors i guess, not even her own father would help her out with money, so i invested my time, energy, money feelings, because i had empathy for this girl, i supported her from October to now, and i told her, ‘no ones going to help you out with bills, how do you just expect me to abandon you like this’ an shes like idc leave me alone, i dont want your money, and im like ok’ its your loss not mine, so then i didnt text her for 2 days, witch was really hard, but i did it, kuz i would message her everyday, so i stoped and she send me a message so did you change your mind yet? meeh i new you were a liar, you were never trying to help me, you were just lying. so then i got upset and told her i have been helping you, i made you a promise, i tell you better days are coming kuz they are, im getting my settlement check, and its gonna be 15k, ima help you get back on your feet, im just not going to abandon you, im not like that, when i make a promise i keep a promise, the next day i ask her how are you good morning, and shes like stress, always stress, and im like well whats wrong you can tell me, and shes like i dont like to talk about my problems thats why i have a therapist, i only talk to my therapist about my problems, an im like well im your friend your true friend, and shes like i wanna be friends with other people not you, and i told her, if you say you got other friends, and youd rather be friends with other people, let me ask you a ? how many of those friends you say you got have actully been there to help you? kuz real friends always reveal there true colors when your struggling, and ive stood by you since october helping you setting my problems aside to help you out, i told her, im the one whos been helping you im the one whos gonna pay of your credit card debt, so i called my bank to inform them how to pay of somones credit card, they told me that i should ask her for a bank statement, so me n her could go over all this, and i asked her hey, what bank do you have, and shes like paypal, an i told her PayPal is not a bank, what bank do you have and she ddint tell me, i asked her well let me see a bank statement, i wanna see a bank statement with your name on it, and she refused, i asked her what her limit was with her card and she refused to tell me, i told her i am here to help you, whats the big deal, ive supported you since october, im not asking to go see you, im just asking for a bank statement, to verify your credit card debt kuz im the one paying it off, and she didnt want to, shes like your crazy go see a threapist, and i told her to top gsaslighting me, she told me, you have to prove to me your not crazy, and if you ever call me, even if there is an emergency, i will take it as you are crazy, shes like we can only talk threw here on facebook, threw text only, so im like okay fine forget it then, its cool, then she told me leave me alone your annoying me im stressed tf out on bills and she told me well im dating now and i cant have some random wierd guy texting me, hes paying off all my bills and my credit card leave me alone, but i new she was lying, so i told her so your not asexuakl or demi romantic you told me you dont date and now your dating shes like yeh i already got a boyfriend leave me alone, and im like how do you expect me to leave you alone when ive invested 6 months of my life to you, my time money effort, emotions into you, shes like idc about you i dont want your money nor your help, i dont care about you, your nothing to me idc about the way you feel or your feelings, and i told her i dont take nothing you say persoanlly and shes like well you should kuz i hate you, and i told her how can you hate somone you havnt even seen me in 8 years you never even hung out with me ever, i dont hate you, ill just text you threw here, so i was supposed to get my check on march20th but due to the corona virus it got possponed, and she said ive been making her wait for months, that im lying about helping her out, i told her its not up to me its up to the court to decide when my check comes im, and she got mad, kuz i told her my check got deposited when it really didnt, but i was just trying to keep things cool between us, but she found out i lied about depositing my check, and she told me dont ever talk to me again, im done with you, you made me cry, at this point i had already giving her more then 3200$and i told her just relax and shes like i have anxiety and there is littelry nothing you csn say or do to fix it, shes always like leave me alone, i hate you, im not your friend, we will never be friends, i just think your crazy and we cant be friends, im not going to japan with a crazy person your obsessed with me leave me alone, your still the same tool from high school, go see a therapist, i told her so you dont want my help then? then answer me this who else is going to help you when your own father wont even help you, when you cant work because your not mentaly stable to work, when you have no income, im not gonna break a promise i made to you, threw thick and thin, ima stick buy you until your on your feet, i told her i dont wanna date you kiss you or makeout with you, ill only kiss you if we get married, thats how much respect i have for you because im not trying to get into your pants im trying to understand you and your social anxiety the best way i can, so i could be a better friend to you, and she would tell me dont care about me i dont care about you, your nothing to me, i dont appreciate you, i think your crazy and nothing you say or do will change my mind, even my family thinks your crazy, you got me kicked out of my house, because of the flowers my cousin told his parents that you sent me flowers and they kicked me out, but if you remember i told her i got her flowers and i told her to throw them away if she didnt want them, or i told her ill just cancel them n she said no f it, and i told her, ive never even seen her, or hung out with her, but for her to say that her family thinks im crazy is just a little rude, kuz she also said her cousin hates me, when he hasn’t even met me nor does he know me, she told me her cousin and uncle are police officers, and they dont mess around, i told her why do you treat me so bad? and shes like because i dont respect you, you lied to me and manipulated me,saying you would help me but you never were helping me, you were trying to buy my feelings, and i cant be baught,and i told her ‘im in your life to show you i care about you, im not here to hurt you, and to support you n understand you the best way i can, shes like you called me a slut and a hoe, and i told her well you told me you had a boyfriend not once but twice and you never even appolgized, shes like i want you out of my life forevder, i hate you, im stressing out on money, i told her here buy some food, im not gonna abandon you, i gave her my last 80$ not because i felt sorry for her, but to show her that im a man of my word, that i have a heart, even when i got my feelings hurt, i told her id give you the last money i got in my account, for you, to make sure you could eat, kuz every time i asked her if she ate, she would just drink coffee and eat one cup of noodle a day, and i told her not to do that and she would get upset and say your not my dad.. but i told her im just looking out for you kuz i care about you, but in her eyes i was just being annoying i guess, so when i would try to message her, she put me in ignore, and she would only reply black every message i sent her with ; im not replying back to any of your messages until i see money in my account, send me money, and im like why are you acting like a bitch, and shes like kuz i dont care about you or respect you, and i told her but im your friend tho, ive been helping you out, and shes like well i dont respect you or care about you ill still act like a bitch to you idc. so i was like allright f it, im not gonna get upset with you, so the next day i texted her saying hey how are you and shes like dude, im stressed the f out, and i told her have you ate food and shes like no i dont have any food, so i sent her 40$ for her to but some food, an an hour 2 hours past and i told her did you buy food, and shes like no 40$ isnt enough for food, i paid my bills. i got a little upset, and told her but you need to eat and shes like send me 4k then ill buy something to eat then ill buy food, im not buying any groceries until all my bills are paid of, so then i tell her you just gotta be patient, my checks coming in dont worry, ima get you back on your feet, dont worry better days are coming, shes like im stressing my situation is just getting worse n worse. and your not helping me your just stressing me out, and i told her im here to help you, shes like i dont want you help,.. i dont want your money, i want you out of my life forever, and i told her well call me then, and shes like no your crazy i told you never to ask me to call, and im like no i hate texting, kuz i honestly do id rather talk on the phone then text, its more simple that way,and shes like oh well then guess were not talking then bye, so im like please call me out of respect for me and she called me, and she was like you only have 60 seconds to talk. and i was like no and then she hangs up on me, im like thats very rude to hang up and shes like idc, i told you never to ask me to call if you wanna talk text threw hear. i only ever talked to her 2 times before that and it never went well she would start yelling at me for no reason, or just hang up on me, and leave me with words in my mouth, shes like every time i talked to you on the phone you piss me of and im like well because you hang up, dont you know thats rude when ive been helping you out since October, and shes like idc you eaither text me threw here or we dont talk at all, so i let my pride go and im like ok its fine,if that makes you happy then ill do it, i told her well can you at least video chat, and shes like no, then i see her video chatting with her cosplay friends online and shes posting pictures of herself on instagram in a bikini like basicly half naked, she told me she was looking fot cosplay sponsers so she could start modeling, but when i asked her if she model she said no, then he said she was looking for cosplay sponsors so she could model, so i was pretty upset with her, but i get over things quick, so another day, she told me she was stressing about money and i had no more cash to give her, well not at that moment, so she told me, that she owed 150$ for her target card, and this is the first time i ever heard about her target card, because she only told me she only had one credit card, so she was stressing out about paying her bill witch was due in 2 days, so i told her, why ddint you tell me before, and she said, because its none of your buissness, im gonna ask my friends to see if i can barroow the 150$ and ill pay them back, and im like you dont even have money coming in, why are you goling to stress yourself out? shes like not your problem leave me alone, and i told her whos going to give you money? and shes like my friends dont worry about it, so in my mind, im like its a guy huh? and shes like no your stupid its my friends who are females, yet let me remind you that she told me her new so called boyfriend was paying of her bills? witch was a complete lie and she never even apologized, so what was i supposed to think, so i told her, ima help you ok, and shes like im already asking my friends but i have to pay them back, and im like ill do what i can to give you the money so you wont stress, and a couple hours pass and i tell her, hey did you get the money yet, and shes like nooo!!!! leave me alone, your annoying me, and i sent her the 150$ i called her even when she told me i was not suposed to, but i decided to call her to let her no not to take the money from her friends, kuz she had no way to pay them back i called her and she got really mad saying why are you calling me you told me you would never call and this is proof that you are crazy, bye. ignoring you again, and im like well i just decided to call you to make sure you didnt take the money from your friends thats all, for you to see that i sent you the money. for your bill. she was mad and i was tlling her i love you, i love you as a human being, i love you okay, you are neevr alone, i wasnt brought back into your life to hurt you, im only here to show you that i care about what your going threw and i always have your back, weather you know this or not, i appreciate you everyday, and im no one to change you, im only here to understand you the best way i can, and love you for you, and after i put that she texted back saying well i dont love you we arnt friends, now that you gave me money, i guess were acquaintances, thrn i told her but how can you be aquatinces with someone you hate? you say you hate me, but you havnt seen me in 8 years seen me or hung out with me. an shes like well your never gonna see me japan is off, go buy a tour guide, go by yourself, at this point it was really stressfull dealing with all this, when ive been the one putting in more effort in then her, im alkways the one messaging her, asking how is she, has she eating, so at this point i ask one of my friends for help kuz she posted a post saying i can spot bs a mile away and, i told her, hey hows it going, and im like hey do you still talk to so n so. {the girl who im talking about} shes like yeah why was up, we would all hang out during high school, so we all know each other, and all i said was like, oh just i remember we would all hang out, so then this girl messegas the girl who im helping out and tells her hey this person asked for you, {this person being me} and she messages me back saying hey leave so n so alone she dosnt like you, this n that, and right there i just got heated, so i told this girl dude wtf ive been helping this girl ive been helping her out, i told her ive been helping her out since october, ive paid her bills, phone, food, her grandmas will, i paid her aunt back that she owed money to, why are you telling me stuff, i have every right to be mad, then the girl who ive been helping i message her and i got heated,i called her a 2 face and a con artist and i told her im going to sue you, for lying to me, ill see you in court, at that moment i was runing on emotion kuz of all this stress this girl put me threw, i know it was my mistake hitting up our friend, but i just needed someones advice i never did it to cause problems but i guess the girl i was helping took it the wring way, and shes told me, im gonna get a restraining order on you, kuz you cause drama, i let her know well you dont know how to communicate, what was i supposed to do, hold this all inside me, no i needed to talk to somone, kuz it was a very stressfull sitation with the girl, i was helping her for months, an i just needed somone elses advice, and i told her i didnt even say anything bad about you, i only said something about you when your friend sent me another message telling me stuff, when i didnt even reply back, the last message i sent her was hows life treating you, and shes like good good just with my son, i didnt reply back then she sent me another message insulting me, thats when i replied back to defend myself, so then the girl ive been helping out, says to me ‘you eaither tell me everything you guys talked about, or you will be out of my life forever, send me all the screen shots’, but i deleted the girls messeges and i told her i didnt have them, and she was like’well you better find them or else’ you will never talk to me again’ so i typed everything like you are reading here, and she was mad at me, shes like im done, all communication stops here i will see you in court, and this girls gonna help me get a restraining order on you, an i told her youve never even hung out with me, i told her i dont care about that girl , i just messaged her cuz i saw a post saying she could spot bs from a mile aaway, thats all, i only messaged her back saying stuff about you, kuz she was the one who messaged me back when i didnt reply, because you are the one who said stuff about me to her first, saying i was crazy, that, im not gonna waist my time on some crazy guy whos been losing brain cells since 8th grade, after all this, i was really mad at this situation and really stressed out, an she would always ignore me n give me the silent treatment, i had so much emotion inside me, i sent her over 70 messages in one night, about everything that i felt, i know thats alot but i hate texting, thats why id rather talk on the phone, but i couldnt talk on the phone with her, because, she dosnt like to be on the phone so im resorted to just texting her, and it honestly sucked, look how long this story is, lol but anyways back to my story, she told me she got her stimulus check and she told me that were she was living at they were charging her rent, for the month of march april they charged her 1000$ so she paid that off and she olny had 200$ left, i fin ally got my settlement in the mail about a week later, and she was like im stressing the f out, on money and bills n i need to find a way to pay rent, so once i deposited my check, it was for a big ammount, it was for over 15k, so i gave her 850$ for rent, she told me she was only paying 400$ so i helped her with rent for may and june, then she tells me that she talked to her aunt who she was livng with, and she said that she dosnt need to pay mays rent, only for june, so im like wth, you never told me that, and shes like well i just talked to my causin a couple days ago an she never informed me, about this, so i was a little sketched out, so i decided to ask her, so dont your aunt ask you were your getting all of this money from, if your not working, she refused to answer the question, i asked her again, may i see a bank statement for your credit card and she said no again, stop being nosey, your not my dad, its none of your buissness, just cuz you give me money, dosnt mean your entitled to it, ill spend it on what i went with whoever i want, we got into another fight and she said im done with you leave me the f alone, im gonna file a restraining order on hyou, and that kinda took me buy suprise, because ive neevr even hung out with her or even have seen her, she also said that i gave her ptsd, and that im worse then all of her exs, she also said, that she was going ot call the police, on me saying that i gave her panic attacks and that i give her nightmares about me kidnapping her n raping her, i never even have seen her, the last time i saw her was 8 years ago, an i told her numerous times, i dont want anything sexual with you at all, so i was kinda confused also really hurt, i told her how can you say that to me, after i have helped you since october, she said i was an evil person, and that she will never forgive me for givng her ptsd, so i asked her again, do you have a boyfriend and she said yes, and im like who is he, how long have you been with him for/ and she said for 5 years, an i told her so why are you talking to me? asking me for money, then i called her a slut again, kuz in the beginning she told me that she was asexual/demi romantic and that she didnt date, so when she told me she had a boyfriend of 5 years, i was really left confused, shes tells me im mentally ill and i should check myself into a mental hospital, when all i did was help her and her family out, i told her, then your boyfriend must not really be a man, if your coming to me asking me for money, i told her so youve been dating a guy for 5 years, and your sleeping with him and taking my money, thats some honestly skanky stuff, to be honest, well at least in my eyes, she also told me that she wants to move away as far away from me as possible she wants to move to San Diego to start her business with her friends so she could work from home, and i told her, so you just used me for my money, and shes like believe what you want, idc about the way you feel, and i told her again, hunny i love you im not here to hurt you, shes like dont call me hunny, she would let me call her babe, and baby sometimes, then other times she would gt mad, she even got mad when i would call her by her name, an she would also get mad when i would compliment her, saying it was gross why are you saying mean things to me like this, please just stop and relax, and she was really mad saying that i lied to her for months saying i wasn’t really helping her, i was just trying to buy her feelings wich was not true, i was just helping her out kuz she was my friend, she told me weres the 2k you were going to send me, i tried sending it for her credit card but it wouldnt let me on facebook why i dont, but she said your lying to me, you canceled it, your a liar, i dont believe anything you say your just trying to manipulate me, witch i wasnt i told her i was going to pay off her credit card since November, kuz im a man of my word, when i make a promise i keep a promise,

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