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    What do I do if I made a girl jealous? She’s a bit angry now because I take a long time before replying back to her text message.

    Take care.



    Hi Jey,

    Avoid engaging in behavior that would make her jealous or angry.

    If she is currently angry with you because you take a long time to reply to her text messages, give it a couple of days before reaching out to her.

    When you do, let her know that you have missed chatting with her the last couple of days and make sure that you use humor to make her laugh.

    She would have probably cooled off by this point and would be more receptive to interacting with you.

    However, from this point on, you should ensure that you respond to her text messages sooner so that you don’t give her reason to get angry with you again.



    Thanks for the reply.

    What would be a good way to reach her out again after that I have been waiting a couple of days? Can you give me an example to use?



    You are welcome.

    You could reach out by sharing something funny with her to help break the tension.

    Think about what you know tends to make her laugh or be amused and send her a funny message in relation to that.

    It doesn’t have to be something original.

    It could be a funny meme, video or joke that you found somewhere.

    The objective here is to make her laugh.

    This will help to change her mood, thereby giving you an opportunity to get past her current state of anger with you.

    This could provide the opening that leads to more fun and interesting conversations with her.



    Would it be ok if I share a romantic song with her as a way to begin the conversation? I think it might work because she is really into songs. What do you think?



    If she is really into songs, yes, sharing a romantic song with her as a way to begin the conversation may work.

    Just make sure that it isn’t a song that indirectly references your relationship with her.

    Sending her a song like this would only remind her about why she is upset with you and you could end up making her angry again.

    Choose a song that has nothing to do with the current situation that you are in with her.

    This should help to create a new space in her mind that isn’t consumed with her disapproval of how you have behaved in the past.



    I have sent her but she seems she doesn’t want to open my message althought she is online. What do I do now? How do I do when she I receive a message from her back?



    She may not have opened your message because she is still somewhat angry with you.

    Give her some time, she will probably open it relatively soon.

    If you receive a message from her in return, just make conversation with her.

    Focus on her primarily.

    Ask her questions about herself and pay attention to what she tells you.

    Just let the conversation flow naturally.



    Do I take this as a sign she is interested in me? Because she seems she cares why I take so long to answer her text messages.

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