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    So…I met this just at the beginning of January 2019 (last month) things where pretty stable in the beginning. Unfortunately less then two weeks of knowing him he lost the most important person that was left in this world to him. His grandfather. His grandfather was his best friend, grandfather and dad all in one. He even moved appartemnts just to be closer to him. I lost my grandfather in high school and I was very close to mine as well so I felt like God was putting me in his life to help him get trough this rough patch. However I don’t know how to help…I text him sometimes but he does not reply for days on end which I understand wanting to icolate yourself from the world but just a simple “I’m ok” text would help me from worrying all the time. I feel like the only reason I am so emotionally invested in him is because when I do go over to see him he makes it clear that when I am with him he feels better, he’s not sad. I take his mind off everything. So it’s hard to help from afar. I also do not want to keep investing in him at the expense of my feelings. Saturday I spent 4 hours outside of a food place because I told him I just wanted to come over and drop over dinner and he said yes at first and told me to come over then did not respond when I asked what he wanted and told me he changed his mind and to come over tomorrow because he wanted one more night to be alone…I don’t want to lose myself but I want to be there for him. I don’t know what he wants from me?

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