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    I have just started at a new class, actually university. There is this girl every time (4 times now, calm i havent been creebby, we are a small class) when i talk to her she tend to to pull her phone up and begins to write or whatever at her phone. She is nervous and she is showing a bit of signs of attraction with eye contact regulary, but she doesnt smile. Dont know what the phone sign shows me? is it just beacuse she is nervous or is she not interested? Or maybe a third reason, idk:)



    Coming from a girl, it sounds like one of two things, either:

    A: She is interested in you but she is shy, or fears awkward communication.


    B: She is not interested in you and that is why she shys away from conversation with you.

    There’s no way to tell unless you wait a little longer and get to know her, because if she is interested, eventually the communication will get easier and she will hopefully come out of her shell more. Hope this helps!

    – Eveline.



    I appreciate the answer, and yeah i kinda feel the same, it just anoys me the two option is oppoties:))) Like i rly wanna know, because i like her, but yeah the best answer is time, i will eventually figure it out i guess. THank you tho

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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