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    So I have been seeing this guy that I used to date like three years ago for approximately 5 months, until it all ended because he did not want a relationship back then and I was moving overseas for 3 months- ended up being 3 years.

    I was back to my city during the Christmas holidays. We haven’t spoken until then and he was very happy to respond to my texts and brought up the topic of me going to a party of his family and seeing each other again. We went out on three dates, and on the last one we were out at a bar and he have had something to drink, but not too much as he was the one driving. He kissed me twice, very long kisses, cuddled up and that was it! nothing else!. We got back to my place, and he fell asleep on the couch.

    I must say he is 26 and I am 21. I found him to be shy, little but awkward on how he acts and tries hard to impress me. On the other hand, I am feeling way more secure than before, and I am ‘participating’ more in the whole process.

    I am back overseas and have been texting on and off. I finally told him that I will be going back to my city for summer, he didn’t answer back. That was almost three days ago and I know this weekend it was his father’s birthday and he needed to travel to see them. But I am at lost as ever since I got left, I am the one sending the first message – he did it only once to see how my flight went.

    I would appreciate any comments!,

    Thanks so much.

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