What should I do ?should I wait?

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    I need help ! There is this guy I have been talking for months and he nows almost everything about me and I know almost everything about him.We talk every day even when he is busy he finds a space to talk to me ,and all his friends and family are like trying to make us be together and everyone sus we would be a one of the best couples they know.I have never had a boyfriend nor had my first kiss before and I really see that this guy may be a good option to be it. My friends made me do a lyrics prank on him and I agreed since he was my best friend but when I finished doing it he wanted to call me but he was on CrossFit so I waited and I stared thinking,I do like him but he just got out of this relationship and everything so I don’t know .I told him that he was my best friend but that i felt there maybe something in the future for us but that right know I just wanted to be friends and he told me he was relieved that I told him that since he didn’t feel that way but all his friends are like yes he do.What do I do?

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