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    So I have moved abroad and felt very lonely without my family. so I opened an account in a Muslim marriage site to get married and there I met a guy. it was me who buzzed him first and then he asks for my number. and we talk once a week. he is simply amazing and I really love to talk to him. but we never talk about our marriage. I really liked him and I was thinking about where is this going. so I asked him directly. he said he never thought to marry me. after that, I did not continue the conversation. and I thought I should never talk to him again. But I have never liked someone like that before and my loneliness was killing me. so I buzzed him again and he talk to me very nicely as there nothing happened. this time it seems to me he is more caring. I am very puzzled about what should I do now. should I continue talking or should I stop talking? please note: he badly wants to get married and i asked him what type of girl he like as wife.. he never replied that question. he likes me that is for sure but he does not like me as a wife material. sometimes it feels like we should keep the connection so that one day may be he will fall in love but again if that never happen it will hurt me bad. I am 33 years old and he is 35. cutting the connection is the easy solution but I really want him. but i also understand i cannot force things. please suggest me what to do now.

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