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    Chris Eddy

    So girl i loved a lot, first love. We had a home and lease and she walked out on me. Told me she “loved me, but not in love with me”. No chances, no communication. I admit to my faults, I had some issues. But I trusted her to come to me before just walking out of our life.
    It has left me in financial and emotional ruin.

    I was devastated, for about a month I went full psycho, emails, texts, fake numbers to contact, fully blocked. The whole deal. Never did anything in person. But I couldn’t let it go… love letters, anger, guilt tripping… the whole deal. I feel like shit. And I know I am wrong. But truly I lost control. I was not myself.

    I’m in no contact now… trying to gather myself. 2 months later. It is done it is over. She has no respect for me any longer as a man because of my desperate and psycho actions. A new boyfriend now. 2 year cohabitation relationship and new BF 2 weeks later… I don’t get it.

    What should I do for myself to better my life and get over this “betrayal” I feel?

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