Why do some women play with loyal guys feelings?

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    Ajunte Burns

    Recently my girlfriend just did a prank text and call on me, is she had me very well convinced that she had a boyfriend outside of our relationship. I remain calm at first and then when I was asking for his name I realized the person I was talking to sounded like a female in which was her sister on the low. I demanded to speak to my girlfriend and not demanded that she tell me who the guy was and she kept saying things like ” AJ calm down and let’s talk” and I just wasn’t having it! So I blocked her from every connection I had because I was Furious and she’s been blowing up my phone and my social media accounts. I don’t like being played with like this and she’s done this before. For some apparent reason when a guy does this to a female we seem heartless, but when a female does it to a guy we’re apparently supposed to take it and just brush it off! Was I wrong for blocking her for some days because I didn’t want to tolerate search buffoonery and pranks? Why does she take it for a joke, but then when I get mad she expects me to calm down?

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