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    I have a friend who happens to be a girl. It has been a year since we met. We texted a lot and talked. But 3 weeks ago I met a girl (potential gf) so I texted her less and less because I was busy texting the potential gf. During these 3 weeks she was still nice and she was sending me snaps and inviting me to her stream. But now just 2 days after she was still ok I texted her and she was rude. I thought she was just in a bad mood so I texted her 12 hours later if she was ok and she told me to let her be. I wanted to help her so I asked what was going on. She said that she would let my messages on seen if I didn’t let her be. The other day she had a stream and i wasn’t invited but i went there nevertheless. She blocked me a minute after i joined the stream. When I asked why she blocked me she told me that she was angry at me for asking how she was the day before when she told me not to.
    I have no idea what i did wrong… Maybe that i havent been paying enough attention to her. Do girls do this or she is done with me for another reason?



    Hi Peter,

    Yes, girls can get angry at you over a lack of attention.

    You went from texting her a lot over the course of a year to texting her a lot less.

    Girls notice this kind of behavior and it can annoy them.

    Also, the quality of your texts may have diminished tremendously because the focal point of your charm and attention switched to this other girl that could become a potential girlfriend.

    So, not only is she receiving a lot less texts from you but they are also not as fun or interesting as they once were.

    A girl can often tell when a guy is making less of an effort to have interesting conversations with her and that will often make her feel like she is not worthy of his time.

    A sentiment like this will also annoy a girl and make her start acting up in the way she has been with you of recent.

    By blocking you the minute that you joined a stream that you were not invited to, she was reacting emotionally and trying to send you a message that if you are capable of treating her as though she is not worthy of your time, she is capable of doing the same.



    Thanks for the reply.

    She muted me as well so I don’t really know how to make it right. I just wonder how this works for girls. She was okey 2 days before this. She was sending me some photo of her asking me if she looked pretty in it and she asked me if i couldn’t help her with her homework and we had a great time and then just this happens, just like this. I mean we are friends so why would she be mad so much. Couldn’t there be more in this, like if she wants to be more than a friend?… Or it’s just girls and their nature? On the other hand i have other female friends and they never do anything like this.



    You are welcome.

    If she muted you, just give her some space.

    If you keep sending her messages trying to make things right, you will keep reminding her about why she is upset at you and that will only prolong this situation.

    Just give her some space and avoid contacting her for now. Her emotions will soon level off and she will reach out to you.

    Yes, she could want to be more than a friend.

    When a girl behaves like this all of a sudden, there is a lot of emotion involved which often means that there may be romantic feelings involved.

    In sending you a photo and asking you whether she looked pretty in it, she may have been fishing for compliments from you or something to make her feel like she is desirable to you.

    Being that you have drastically cut back on the amount of texts that you send her, she may have been desperately attempting to gauge whether you are attracted to her.

    She may not have felt that your response was passionate enough to indicate to her that you may be interested in her romantically.

    This may have been the last straw for her.

    As far as your other female friends who never do anything like this, it may be because they aren’t into you romantically and simply regard you as a platonic friend. Thereby, they will be less prone to react this emotionally.



    Thanks for help Luke! Appreciate it.



    You are welcome Peter.

    All the best.

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