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    Melanie White

    When he first saw me he sat next to me and he looked at me very intensely without breaking his stare. He was looking directly at me, but it was like he was studying me, and he may or may not have realized exactly what he was doing, it was so odd.

    As we got to know each other we would make very intense eye contact. I would try to break it off, because he would stare so long into my eyes and it was slightly off putting, but he was very comfortable and would continue to look into my eyes. He would also bite his lips, it was very obvious he was trying to arouse me or something. He never asked me out or for my phone number, so I think he was just playing with me.

    As I began to avoid him and not talk to him, we would meet and he began to be uncomfortable, and he can’t look me in the eyes anymore. Sometimes not even the face, as I stare at him in a certain way and he just wants to run away. One time he came up to me and started a conversation, and the moment looked at him(I tried to look him into his eyes) he literally WALKED AWAY without saying a single word. Another time I was explaining something to him and just as I predicted he would he began to freak out and look for anything besides my face to aim his eyes. I don’t think he realized what he was doing.

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