Why would he start skipping class that we have together if he likes me?

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    can you tell me what is up with guy? Some im in high school and there is this guy that i started finding interest in him and i think he has to because i we use to establish eye contact everyday we we see each other. But then he stop this one day. So i stop showing interest in him because it seem like he was igorning me. When i would see him i wouldn’t even look at him. I would completely igorne him like he didnt exist. He then started to look at me to see if i was looking at him when we came into contact with each other. He would also stare at me as i walked by. Then one day his friend had came into the class saying he wanted to stay in the classroom.He sat down but talked a little with the people i knew. I dont know if he had his friend spying on me or not because he his friend was trying to make conversation with this one girl in class say “Hey claudia”. But she she was not having it. Some he sat there and there was moments when he was on his phone. So after that the bell rang and me and my friend circled around the building waiting for the last bell and we came back around the corner where he hangs out with his friends. We hit the corner and the first person i see is his friend that is looking at me with s blank paused face expression like if he has been caught. The thing is it was because he was talking to his friend that had been making eye contact with me and as i walked by i could see on the side of my eyes that his head or eyes were slowly turning as i was walking by. Im really confused and i would know if hes just shy, or lost interst, doesnt know if i like him, or prehaps trying to get the girl in my class. Also every since he stop making eye contact he has been skipping the class that we have together. I dont know if he comes in the room when im absent but so far this has happened.

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