Will my ex come back.

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    Christina Vargas

    my and my ex had fights. A lot of them because he did not know how to communicate. Our arguments are normally over text since we live in 2 different states but 40 mins from eachother. Our last fight was big (Saturday). I said I wanted more friends and he thought I should be focusing on school it then blew up to the point that he was stalking my twitter and he thought I was tweeting about him when really it was about friend drama. I texted him Tuesday apologizing regardless and admitted to him that I was having personal issues with friends. And communicated that if he ever felt that My tweet was aimed toward him, that he can contact me. Just talk to me. Regardless I texted him Tuesday morning Saying I wanted to grow and stop the cycle of fighting but I didn’t think that texting was going to help us. For the rest of the day I sent him pictures of us and let him know I love him regardless. It is now Friday and I don’t know what to do or if he will come back. He hasn’t responded. It’s been 6 days



    Hi Christina,

    Don’t panic. Your ex will come back.

    However, you should ensure that you don’t continue initiating texts to him at this time.

    He may still be upset over the Twitter misunderstanding.

    Just give him space.

    Guys often don’t like talking or dealing with emotional issues in a relationship.

    Instead of talking it through, many opt to just disappear and take some time out from the relationship.

    That is most likely what he is doing now.

    He will text you again as long as you stop initiating texts to him at this time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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