Will there ever be a chance between my guy friend and I?

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    I have been friends with this guy since we were kids. I love him so much. Now here is a problem, I always tell him about my relationships but he doesn’t. Every time I ask him about his he always says it’s fine. I know that he is dating this girl and they have a child together. He never even told me about the child (his cousin did). It’s like he doesn’t wanna hurt me. I broke up with my ex because he didn’t like our friendship. I normally go to his house and we would chill and sometimes I would take an afternoon nap while he is watching a movie or is at work. Every time we go out, he would make sure that I am comfortable, I have a drink , would always sit next to me and does not want any guy near me. When we are tipsy, we would always hold each other’s hands under the table. So one day I told him that how I felt about him and he also confused his feelings towards me and said he can’t be with me because he is still with the mother of his child..then I said okay, I understand….but now every time I am in a relationship with someone else he gets jealous and I can tell that he doesn’t not like that. He is been there for me through thick and thin….Everyone thinks we are dating, even his family. When people says we are dating, he doesn’t argue with them. He just says it’s true. I don’t know, will there ever be a chance between us?

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