Wth is Going on in This Guys Mind?

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    Elaine M.

    Wow, you’ve got clear answers. I just subbed.
    I am an older woman, and have started dating again.
    Met him on a dating site. Spoke on the phone every day, all week long, about a lot of nothing and work…. until the date. However, two days before we met, he asked if he should make reservations in a hotel, and proceeds to tell me that ‘we are older now’ and ‘we are not children’. You get the gist.
    I said no. We went on the date anyway, and another date on the next day.

    Calls me on the phone after each date. Truly talks about nothing, and there it is, “should I get a hotel on our next date”. Now……
    He doesn’t have the body language of liking me, walks behind me while walking, hardly touches me, and let’s be honest, never glanced at my low cut blouse I wore on the first date. I was a tad shocked for someone who was so forward……..anyway.

    Wth is going on with this one??

    I think I know but I’d like your opinion.
    Thank you in advance,


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