How To Meet Women

How To Meet Women

If you want to go out on more dates with women, knowing how to meet them is essential.

There are a few places that come to mind, i.e., bars and nightclubs.

These are okay but quite frankly, there are much better ways to meet women.

These are ways that put you at a much better advantage of actually obtaining phone numbers and consequent dates.

When you frequent bars and nightclubs in order to meet women, you are going to be competing with many other men and will be in an environment where the women already have their guard up.

If you want more dates with women, this is how you can meet them.

Make Lots Of Female Friends

Start making it your goal to make more female friends.

Get to know the women at your workplace, hang out with them, buy them lunch, get on their good side.

Get to know the women who live in your neighborhood, be friendly whenever you see them, offer to take care of their pets when they are out of town, have a neighborhood block party or barbecue and invite them, along with their significant others.

Frequent the mall or a particular shopping center.

Allow the female sales associates to familiarize themselves with you and be sure to let them know you are single.

When you are able to make lots of female friends, you expose yourself to the potential of meeting many women.

These are women that those female friends will ultimately introduce you to or tell you about.

Adult Education Classes

This really is a goldmine for meeting women.

The competition from other men is usually very low as more women attend these types of classes than men.

Pick up the catalog of your local high school or college and find out where adult education classes are being held.

You will tend to find the most women in the language, photography, cooking, gardening and interior decorating classes.

Ensure that you are truly willing to learn in these classes so that you do not seem like all you are there for is to meet women.

Meeting women in this way is not only good because of the absolute lack of competition from other men, but also the open and less guarded state of mind that these women are already in.

This makes it easier to converse with them.

Self-Improvement Seminars

Women tend to look for ways to improve their lives on both a spiritual, mental, physiological and financial level.

By attending self-improvement seminars, you will be putting yourself in a very advantageous position for meeting women because the ratio of men to women in these seminars are usually in your favor.

Also, you would be putting yourself around quality women who are intent on improving their lives.

It’s a win win situation.

Reading Events

Find out where there are reading events in your town and attend them.

Reading events are a huge magnet for women as they do love to listen to the written word. Again, the ratio of men to women at these events are tremendously in your favor.

You don’t necessarily have to know anything about the work being read in question but do remember that the types of women you meet here will have an appreciation for the arts.

Attend Dog Training/Obedience Classes

If you have a dog or are planning on getting one, attending these classes will help to expose you to lots of women.

Many women have a soft spot for dogs and attend these classes in order to improve their relationship with their dogs.

This is also an event where you will tend to find more women than men.

By bringing your dog to these classes, you have already ensured a conversation starter.

Group Dance Lessons

Even if you are not much of a dancer, meeting women at dance lessons will work in your favor.

Whether you choose salsa, swing, ballroom, folk or hip hop, you will find yourself in a room filled with women and very few men.

This environment also allows for you to get close with them due to the proximity involved in dancing without having to worry about invading her space.

Again, do not be intimidated by this as the majority of the women in these lessons are there to either learn how to dance or improve on what they know.

Hence, you do not have to be an expert dancer, not even close.

As you continue to change female partners during the dance sessions you will have the opportunity to converse with them and they will be receptive.

This is a far cry from bars and nightclubs where you typically have to approach and possibly deal with rejection from a disinterested woman.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have become a lot more mainstream in the last 10 years.

The incredible advantage of them is that they provide you with a huge selection of women to choose from.

You get to read their online dating profiles, see their photographs and send them a message if they spark your interest.

Quite frankly, the potential for meeting lots of women through a dating site is so enormous that you may have trouble just trying to keep up.