How To Know If He Or She Is “The One”

How To Know If He Or She Is “The One”

You have reached a point in your relationship where you are wondering if the person you are with is who you want to marry.

Maybe these thoughts just started coming to you recently and you are somewhat surprised.

However, you do need an answer because you cannot deny that these thoughts are constantly interrupting your day.

Here are a few ways that you can tell.

You Are Past The Honeymoon Phase Of The Relationship

Usually, the honeymoon phase of a relationship lasts about 6 months.

This is very much the physical phase of the relationship when you can’t keep your hands off each other.

Soon after 6 months, the physical phase starts dying down as you have experienced each other in a lot of ways.

This is when the emotional chemistry in a relationship takes over in order to keep the relationship going.

Often, relationships will end or begin to die slowly at this point because with the physical side weakening and a lack of emotional chemistry, there is no solid foundation to keep it alive.

If you have gone beyond the honeymoon phase and yet your relationship has continued going strong, it is because of the strong emotional connection you have with this person.

Hence, they just might be “the one.”

You Don’t Fight

Having disagreements every now and then is one thing. However, frequent verbal fights is something else all together.

If you notice that the two of you truly never fight, he or she may be “the one.”

A sure sign that a relationship is lacking is in the frequency of verbal fights.


Frequent verbal fights easily lead to break ups.

If you are in a relationship where you have frequent break ups and then reconcile, you may want to think twice about wondering if this person is “the one.”

A stable relationship that has no break ups shows that there is a very strong degree of fortitude in your relationship.

It’s also a very good sign of how successful married life will be with this person.

On the other hand, if you were constantly breaking up and making up with this person while you were dating, the same will happen if you were to get married.

You Have A Strong Friendship

People tend to underestimate the importance of friendship in a relationship.

When the sex starts becoming more and more mundane, what do you think holds the relationship together?


Friendship is a strong bond between people that goes beyond the physical.

When you are with someone who you do not only consider to be a lover but also one of your best friends, you are in a great position to regard that person as “the one.”

You should feel comfortable being able to talk to this person about anything without the fear of being judged.

A strong friend is someone that has seen you at your worst, both on an emotional level and even physical level, and yet has stayed by your side and supported you.

If this is your relationship, you may be with “the one.”

No Fear Of Marriage

When you think about marrying this person, you do not feel fear.

Many people freeze up at the thought of marriage.

When your mind is clear and even excited about the prospect of marrying this person, you may be with “the one.”

There should truly be no fear about it.

Having any kind of fear would indicate some doubt on your part.

If this truly is “the one,” there shouldn’t be a shade of doubt in your mind about what it would feel like marrying and spending the rest of your life with them.

Unconditional Love

Most people believe that unconditional love means that you love someone regardless of their qualities.

This is very true. However, it goes a little bit beyond that.

Unconditional love means loving someone without any “conditions.”

This means that you don’t only love this person regardless of their qualities but that you also do not want to change any aspect about this person.

Hence, there are no “conditions.”

You love them for what and who they are.

You Can’t See Your Life Without Them In It

This doesn’t mean that you are needy in any way.

It simply means that when you take a good hard look at your life and the future you want to have, you simply can’t see this person not being in it.

This is arguably the most powerful way to know if you are truly with “the one.”

Ask any old married couple who have been together for decades how they knew that they had found “the one.”

Most of them will tell you that they had reached a point in their relationship when they simply couldn’t imagine a life without the other.

In the end, knowing if he or she is the one comes down to taking a good look at your relationship and understanding the factors that have led you to this point.

Don’t allow emotions to cloud your judgment.

Analyze and decide.