Infidelity In Marriage: Why Married Women Cheat

Infidelity In Marriage: Why Married Women Cheat

Infidelity in marriage in modern times has become more and more prevalent.

What has become even more noteworthy is the rise in the number of married women who engage in extramarital affairs.

According to the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy, an astonishing 40 percent of married women will engage in extramarital sex at some point in time in their marriage.

Not to be outdone, a study by Peggy Vaughan, bestselling author of The Monogamy Myth, put that percentage at closer to 50 percent.

These types of numbers do away with the popular belief that the lion’s share of those who have extramarital affairs are the men.

Hence, why do married women cheat?

Lack Of Affection

Women are huge proponents of affection.

As the marriage has progressed, the husband may not be showing as much affection as he used to at the start of the relationship.

He may be using work as an excuse or may not even be aware of this.

Either way, the displays of affection have almost completely stopped.

This is going to create a lack in the relationship.

Acts of affection allows the wife to feel an intimate connection with her spouse.

When there is a lack of it, that connection starts to wane.

Lack Of Communication

Communication is such an important factor in any relationship and even more so in marriage.

It is how married couples can stay connected.

A lack of communication in the marriage tends to cause a level of discomfort.

If it isn’t corrected, the level of discomfort can grow over time until it leads to a drastic action.

If she doesn’t feel like she can effectively communicate with her husband, she is left with keeping her thoughts and feelings to herself.

Eventually, she will want to release everything that is building within her.

She may engage in an extramarital affair in order to have an outlet.

Lack Of Meaningful Sex

Sex seems to have become more of a chore.

It is no longer enjoyable to her because it has become more of a mundane, physical act than that of passion.

She begins to feel more like an object than a living, breathing human being who does want great and passionate sex with her husband.

When the passion is gone from love making, she will begin to want less and less sex from her husband.

She craves the days when he took his time before the act.

Now, he just has sex with her.

Nothing more, nothing less.

It may be fun for him but she most certainly isn’t enjoying it.

An extramarital affair may bring back that passionate love making that is so lacking in her married life.


Many married women get bored in a marriage.

The marriage may have entered into a very humdrum tempo where everything has fallen into the routine of work, kids, chores and bills.

The cycle continues day after day, week after week and month after month.

She begins to get weary of this routine.

The marriage has essentially grown stale and uneventful.

She doesn’t feel like she is living life any more.

It feels like she is simply going through the motions.

She may engage in an extramarital affair because she is in need of something to help break the monotony.

Lack Of Desirability

Often in marriage she may start to feel undesirable.

This typically happens when there is a lack of affection shown by the husband or perhaps even a change in her physical appearance.

She may have gotten a little older or even gained a few pounds.

All of this compounds to lead her to a place of dissatisfaction with her femininity.

She may begin to feel like she is no longer attractive.

In order to experience that sense of desirability that is so lacking in her marriage, she may engage in an extramarital affair.