Signs He Is Cheating

Signs He Is Cheating

We never want to believe the worst of a partner.

However, there are times when certain acts draw attention and cause us to wonder if indeed our partner is cheating.

If you are in this dilemma, there are some signs that will help you tell if he is cheating.

Hanging Out With His Friends More Often

You may have noticed that he is beginning to hang around his friends a lot more than with you.

What’s worse is that he is not even inviting you to come along.

This may mean that he doesn’t want you around and may be looking for a degree of freedom. With this freedom, he may be prowling for new prospects or going out with new prospects.

Either way, you are not there to get in the way.

Less Frequent Sex

Men love to have sex on a regular basis.

When he is content with going to bed without having sex on a consistent basis, this is a red flag.

For most men, sex is an outlet, whether it be in the physical act itself or the emotional release that comes with it.

If you have not changed physically in any way that would render yourself unattractive to him, there are very few reasons why he would not care for regular sex the way he used to.

Unless of course, he is cheating.

Less Affection

Although women tend to be the ones who love to be on the receiving end of affection, most men who love their women don’t mind giving it.

If he is making less of an effort to be affectionate with you and would much rather keep a pillow between the both of you, this could be a sign that he is cheating.

He may be investing his emotional energy to someone else that now has his affection.

Less Patience

He is not as patient when the both of you go out shopping or when hanging out with your friends.

Remember when he would dutifully walk with you from store to store even though he may have been bored out of his mind?

Remember when he would put out the effort to make your friends laugh or impress them?

That has all changed. Now, he is continuously looking at his watch or is distracted by his phone whenever the both of you go out.

He always seems like he wants to leave and go do his own thing.

In this case, he may be wanting to hang out with the person he is cheating on you with.

Short Temper

He seems to be angrier more often now.

In fact, the last few verbal fights that the both of you had were instigated by him.

He doesn’t seem to want to hear or understand your opinion on things.

He is really short with you sometimes and for no justifiable reason.

When someone is becoming unhappy in a relationship, they tend to take out there frustration on their partner.

If you are noticing more and more of these unnecessary arguments happening between the both of you, he may be unhappy.

That unhappiness may stem from the unwillingness to be around you when he would rather be with the person that he is cheating on you with.

Doesn’t Notice Changes

You consistently put out the effort to look good and he rarely notices the changes, if at all.

Perhaps, the last few times you got your hair done, he barely noticed or even bothered to make a comment.

Perhaps, you recently purchased a sexy dress or undergarment, wore it, and received no response from him.

Perhaps, you changed up your lotion, shampoo or perfume and hence, you smell different now, but he hasn’t even noticed that.

When he doesn’t notice these changes over time, there is a good chance that his mind is already preoccupied with someone else.

Says ‘I Love You’ Less Frequently

If he is not saying this as frequently as he used to, it may be a sign that he is cheating.

It’s alright if he forgets to say it every now and then but when you notice that he hasn’t said it in a while, this should be a warning.

The significance of those words cannot be understated.

When you hear it less and less, there is a good chance that he may be saying those words to someone else.