Signs She Is Cheating

Signs She Is Cheating

We never want to believe the worst of a partner.

However, there are times when certain acts draw attention and cause us to wonder if indeed our partner is cheating.

If you are in this dilemma, there are some signs that will help you tell if she is cheating.

Sex Is Shorter And Less Frequent

If you have noticed that sex lasts for a shorter period of time, this is a good sign that there may be some cheating going on.

Remember how it used to be when you first met?

You couldn’t keep your hands off each other and would bed like rabbits.

Now, not only are the sessions shorter but she seems to be too tired or disinterested to do it.

Sex naturally decreases the longer a relationship lasts, however, that is typically a gradual process.

If the both of you have not been together that long or this problem occurs suddenly without a natural progression, this is a red flag.

Takes A While To Return Texts And Phone Calls

If you have noticed that she is taking hours to return your texts and phone calls, she may be cheating.

Remember how quickly she would return your texts or phone calls in the past?

Now, all of a sudden, she is taking a lot longer to get back with you.

You may be becoming less of a priority to her. That priority may be falling to someone else.

Less Time Spent With Your Family And Friends

She doesn’t seem to want to spend as much time with your family and friends as she used to.

This could be because every time she is around them, she feels a dose of guilt for what she is doing.

She may also not want the burden of having to pretend like everything is alright between the two of you.

A member of your family or a friend may see through the act and put her on the defensive.

The less guilt she feels and pretending she has to do the better.

Less Affection

Women are emotional and tend to love affection.

If you notice that she is consistently on the other side of the couch or the bed on her own and not really trying to be affectionate with you, this could be a sign.

What may be even a stronger sign is when you do try to show affection and she is non-respondent.

If she is experiencing her period and is feeling lousy, she does have an excuse.

However, if she isn’t, she shouldn’t be adverse to your affection, unless there is something else going on.


Women are great with anniversaries, birthdays and remembering special days.

There are very few signs that indicate cheating more than when she begins to forget these important days.

She was always the one that kept track of these and now she recently forgot your anniversary.

Her mind may be disengaging and consequently focusing on someone else.

Leaves The Room With The Phone

You notice that she is continuously leaving the room to answer the phone.

Perhaps, she is continuously leaving the room to make a phone call.

Why so secretive?

You may not have thought much about it at first but now it is becoming a habit.

Why doesn’t she want to let you hear these conversations?

This is a great sign that she may be cheating on you.