How To Know If He Loves You

How To Know If He Loves You

You may have been dating him for a while and are now very curious as to whether he loves you.

Indeed, men can be quite difficult to read when it comes to the issue of love.

There is that macho aspect involved that does get in the way sometimes.

However, there are ways you can know if he loves you or not without him having to say the words.

Spends Less Time With His Friends

When he starts giving up his Friday nights with friends, there is a reason for that.

When he is engaging in less and less activities with his friends like going to the gym, checking out a movie or going to the night clubs, there is a strong reason for that.

You are the reason.

If he is filling that time by being with you, he is telling you that you are the priority to him.

Starts Talking About The Future Often….And You Are In It

Men tend to be very spur of the moment creatures.

It’s not in their nature to think too far ahead into the future.

Doing that can cause some irritation or angst.

Women on the other hand, tend to think about the future a lot more than men.

When he starts talking about his plans for the future, it means that he actually sees the future and how he would like it to be.

Since men aren’t prone to doing this, at least, not as much as women, it is a very good sign.

If you happen to be included in those future plans in any way, he is in no uncertain terms telling you that he loves you.

Bypasses The Big Game

He has a favorite college or professional sports team that he is a huge fan of.

When you first met, he couldn’t say enough about them and rarely ever missed a big game.

Now, he doesn’t talk that much about the team and even more telling, he skipped their big game on Saturday to take you out to the movies.

There are three things most men cannot live without; sex, the latest ‘cool’ gadget and their favorite sports team.

When you are replacing the latter more often, you are someone that they most definitely love.

Lets His Guard Down

He is not as preoccupied trying to impress you with his charm or his wit.

In some ways he has become more of who he truly is around you.

You catch him telling you about events that he never mentioned earlier in the relationship.

These are events that don’t always put him in a good light.

It could be about a kid who used to bully him in high school or how traumatized he was after the divorce of his parents.

It could be about anything.

The point is, he is sharing information with you that could show some weakness on his part.

This is a big change from constantly trying to impress you with his charm.

He is letting his guard down and confiding in you.

This is a very strong sign of love.

Shops With You….Often

Indeed, there are some men out there who just LOVE to shop.

However, for the most part, those men are in the minority.

There is a reason why the walk-in closet is mostly taken up by the woman’s clothes, shoes and handbags, while the man has his little section on the corner.

Men aren’t big fans of shopping, and yet, here he is, going out with you on shopping excursions.

He clearly wants to be with you even if it requires doing something that doesn’t get every man particularly excited.

It takes a lot more than willpower for him to do this.

It takes love.

Attends Doctor Appointments With You

Men are not big fans of going to the doctor.

Women tend to be a lot more diligent in this endeavor.

However, he does come with you on these appointments without so much as a complaint or an excuse.

This is another strong case for love.

Calls Or Texts You Throughout His Day

As long as you have established that the man you have been seeing isn’t the needy type, it is a little curious that he calls you or texts you frequently throughout the day now.

Men aren’t always the most ardent or energetic communicators.

Yet, here he is, creating contact every opportunity he gets even while he is at work.

You are clearly on his mind in a lot more ways than you can imagine.

When a man is in love, he is rendered hostage to that euphoric feeling, and as a result, he needs a constant reminder.

Since ‘you’ are the euphoric feeling, he wants regular and frequent contact with ‘you.’

Picks Up One Or More Of Your Hobbies

He has never been a big fan of going to yoga classes with you and yet here is, willing to put his body through all sorts of twists and turns in order to be around you.

He never liked volunteering and yet here he is, joining you in your altruistic endeavors.

He has never tended to a garden, yet, here he is, spending hours with you in your garden.

Whatever your hobbies may be, when you notice him actively taking part in one or more of them over a sustained period of time, he loves you, plain and simple.