How To Read Her Body Language

How To Read Her Body Language

Over the years, women have become masters of body language.

Oftentimes this is the main method that they use to show a man that they are interested and that he can approach or begin to court her.

There are some great ways to tell just how interested she may or may not be in you.


She Preens

If you notice that she is playing around with her hair, blouse or jewelry, it is a great sign that she is interested.

She is doing this because she has felt a connection with you.

It can be totally unconscious and even unexpected on her part, but the real message behind it is clear.

Lingering Eye Contact

Eye contact is a huge factor.

When she looks at you longer than usual or glances your way often, she is sending a clear sign of interest.

Also, if you are close enough to notice her pupils, look to see if they are enlarged.

Enlarged pupils are a strong sign of interest.

Breaks Personal Space

Most people are particular about their personal space, especially women.

If you notice that she has closed that physical gap, she is indicating strong interest.

By closing that physical space between the two of you, she wants you to know that she is comfortable around you.

Licks Lips

Watch what she may be doing with her lips.

If you notice that she gently licks her lips every now and then, she is sending a strong sign of interest.

This is body language that is inviting in nature.

She is inviting you in and is unconsciously displaying a strong sense of physical chemistry with you.

Touches You

When she occasionally touches your arm or leg, she is clearly telling you that she is interested.

There are very few signs that are better than this.

It doesn’t matter if she does this in order to emphasize some point she is trying to make or draw your attention to something, the message is clear.


Crosses Her Arms

There are very few signs that convey disinterest than when she crosses her arms.

This is very closed body language that indicates a lack of compatibility.

She is not feeling right about the current interaction and may be hoping for an out, soon.

Avoids Eye Contact

Looking at everything else around her but you is a strong sign of disinterest.

Women are good at telling a story with their eyes.

Remember, they are the ones who typically use body language to send signals to men and hence are more proficient at it.

The eyes are truly one of the best tools in this game.

If she is not maintaining eye contact with you, she is not interested.

Becomes Fidgety

This is a lot different from preening.

When she becomes fidgety she may start playing around with the contents of her bag, repeatedly shift her physical positioning or even start tapping her fingers on something.

This type of body language conveys a sense of disconnect.

There are few signs that indicate disinterest more than that of boredom.

Leans Back

Leaning back is a very strong sign of disinterest.

By doing this, she is actually trying to create distance from you.

The more physical distance she can find, the more comfortable she will be.

This form of body language coalesces two emotions; unease and incompatibility.

Avoids Showing Her Wrists Or Palms

Look at what she does with her hands.

How often do you get to see her wrists or palms during the interaction?

Often, a few times, never?

If you notice that she is not openly revealing them, she is displaying very closed body language.

She is indicating a strong level of discomfort and disinterest.

This is often called the Poker Hand.

Poker players hide their wrists so that no one can see what cards they are holding.

Their gesture is defensive and reeks of distrust.

By the same token, she may feel the same way about you.