Kissing Tips – How To Give A Romantic Kiss

Kissing Tips – How To Give A Romantic Kiss

A kiss is very important.

Oftentimes, a kiss is what determines if two people will eventually sleep together.

Also, it can play a major role in keeping the romance of a relationship alive.

Kissing in numerous cases is even considered more intimate than the act of sex itself.

Here are some tips on how to give a romantic kiss.

Start Softly

Try not to get caught up in the excitement or anxiety of the moment.

By starting softly you touch the others’ lips lightly with yours.

They should linger together for a little.

This gives you a familiarity with the others’ physicality and increases the anticipation of what is to come.

Gentle Use Of The Tongue

Slip your tongue slowly and gently into the others’ mouth.

Let your tongues touch lightly.

Do not force any unnecessary movements.

Simply keep them touching for a few moments, allowing them to get warm and moist.

Then slip your tongue out.


This is where you will use your lips again.

They have become familiar with the others,’ hence allow them to touch once again.

You can even let them kiss the top and then the bottom of the others’ lips.

This should all be done gently.


Slowly move from here to other nearby areas.

Kiss the cheeks, jaw, neck or the collarbone.

This allows your lips to acquire a taste and feel for the others’ physicality.

Your kisses should be soft and light like the weight of a floating leaf that lands on the ground.

The softer it is, the more intense the sensation you will cause on the other.


Return to the lips.

At this point, the intensity and passion has reached a strong pitch.

When your lips meet, there should be a powerful surge of energy between you.

Your lips will be warmer and bolder.

Let your tongue slip into the other now.

At this point, they will be doing more than merely touching.

They will be exploring.

Avoid going to far into the back of the others’ throat.

Keep the exploration at the front end of the mouth.


Now, put your hands on the others’ cheeks.

By doing this, you will intensify the moment and send shock waves of passion through the two of you.

The sudden presence of the heat from your hands coupled with the kiss itself is what causes these romantic shock waves to occur.

By the end of the kiss, the both of you may be wondering what on earth just happened.