Romantic Ideas For Him

Romantic Ideas For HimHe may be a guy but he still appreciates romance.

There are ways you can keep the romantic energy of your relationship alive.

Try a few of these tips.

Buy Him A Romantic Bracelet

There are some incredible love bracelets out there that he will love.

Find one that has words inscribed which closely relate to how you feel about the relationship or how you feel about him.

He will love it and every time he looks at it, he will think of you.

Catch Him In The Shower

Show up unexpectedly while he is taking a shower, with a bottle of wine.

As one holds on to the bottle, the other rubs or scrubs the other down and the other way around.

The heat of the moment will build to a frenzy.

Do put the bottle away at a safe distance before passions really get out of hand.

Play The Heart Game

When he arrives home, leave a piece of paper with half a heart on the doorway along with a note telling him that when he finds the other piece, he will find you.

When he eventually finds you hiding somewhere in the home, his new task will be to find just where the other piece is on you.

It could be tucked in a part of your clothing or somewhere more intimate.

You decide.

Entertain Him With Karaoke Night At Home

Get an easy to assemble karaoke home kit or use your already existing home entertainment unit to set one up and shock him tremendously with a karaoke night at home.

He will be completely taken by this and will be very pleased.

You do not have to have a voice like Mariah Carey.

It’s really the thought and effort that makes this truly work and enormously romantic.

Sing some great love songs to him and later on you can have him join in on the fun with a crazy duet.

Leave Some Tickets In His Car

Surprise him by putting some tickets to a show he loves in the front passenger seat of his car along with a couple of roses.

The tickets could be to anything he loves, i.e., a sports event, theater show, grand opening to an electronics show, etc.

This will put a huge smile on his face and he will be thinking about you all day.

Make A Compact Disc Music Compilation

Put together a compilation of his favorite songs on one compact disc.

This will take some time to do and requires some patience but is well worth it.

Guys love music and by putting a good chunk of his favorite songs on one compact disc he will be tremendously happy.

Not to mention, you will make him feel like the most important man on earth.

Romantic Cards

Buy a deck of romantic cards, make your own or use generic ones.

Invent a game.

Make it simple and fun.

You can give different meanings to each symbol.

For example, if you are using a generic deck of cards, you can have a particular card of spades represent kisses.

If he gets that card, he has to give you a certain number of kisses or the other way around.

A particular card of hearts could mean that a secret fantasy has to be revealed.

It could be anything.

Just make it fun.