Oral Sex Techniques: How To Give Her The Best Oral Sex

Oral Sex Techniques: How To Give Her The Best Oral SexOral sex for many men and women is actually more enjoyable than the act of sexual intercourse itself.

Hence, mastering how to do it properly always helps in improving your sex life in more ways than one.

Giving her great oral sex results in her happiness and who doesn’t want a happy mate?

Here are some ways to go about it.


Before you begin to perform oral sex on her, ensure that you are positioned in the best possible way.

1. Spread Eagle – She lays on her back with her legs spread apart and her knees bent.

You lay on your stomach between her legs and place your arms around her legs.

This position provides easy and comfortable access to her vagina.

2. Water’s Edge – She sits or lays on the edge of the bed.

You kneel in front of her and have her place her legs on your shoulders or spread them at the edge of the bed.

This is a comfortable position that provides open and easy access to the vagina as well.

3. The Horse – You lay down on the bed while she straddles you and hovers over your face.

It’s best to put a couple of pillows below your head so that you are comfortable and your head is directly beneath her vulva.

4. Two Legged Whip – She lays on her back and raises her legs into the air.

She keeps them there by supporting them with her hands.

Her body is at a lateral V angle.

This position provides very open and easy access to the vagina.

Moistening the Outer and Inner Labia

It’s best to start with slow, gentle licks around her outer and inner labia.

The outer and inner labia are the outer and inner folds around the vagina.

Play with these areas with your tongue.

Keep your tongue rotating steadily around them for some time.

All you are trying to do here is get her warmed up.

Gentle Strokes Of The Tongue

When you have gotten the outer and inner labia of her vagina sufficiently moist with your saliva, it’s time to proceed further in.

The first 1 to 2 inches of a woman’s vagina are the most sensitive because they have the most nerve endings.

Flatten your tongue on this area and gently lick upward. This area is between the inner labia of her vagina(inner fold) and her urethra.

To give you a better picture of what this looks like, envision yourself licking an ice cream cone, giving it slow and gentle licks up and down, up and down.

Lick Her Clitoris

The clitoris is the most sensitive and erogenous zone of the female body.

It is located above the opening of the vagina and has a hood-like shape.

Lick this area gently with your tongue at first.

Watch how she reacts.

She should be getting sufficiently wet at this point.

Continue to lick gently, but with restraint.

Again, this is her most sensitive area and if you go too hard with the licking, you may cause some discomfort.

Mouth Her Clitoris

Gently place her clitoris in your mouth.

You should have all of it inside your mouth before you begin to lick it internally. These will be gentle, soft licks.

The sensation of both having her clitoris in your warm mouth as well as the simultaneous internal stroking of it with your tongue, will drive her crazy.

But you are not done yet.

The Flick

Pull your mouth away from her clitoris and use your fingers to spread her vaginal lips.

Point your tongue out and start flicking it over her clitoris.

For the best possible effect, simultaneously slip your fingers in and out of her vagina as your tongue continuously flicks over her clitoris.

This should ultimately lead her to an earth shattering female orgasm and make her a very happy woman indeed.

By mastering your oral sex techniques, you will be surprised at just how badly and often she will want to be with you.

Isn’t that what every guy wants?